Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • psam
    09-13 07:30 PM
    Sorry for posting on this thread. But I do not know how to open a new thread. How does one do that?

    I am trying to get an appointment with US consulate in Vancouver with no luck for past 2 weeks. Checking multiple times a day doesnt help. Is there any particular time, I should look out for?

    Thanks for your response.

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  • simikishore
    08-02 11:04 AM
    I am in the same boat. Attorneys, Gurus and Experts...please advice on this.

    Hi Attorneys and Experts,

    My GC finally recently got approved and wanted to know what is the minimum time by law, I can stay with my current employer that will not cause any issues during the application of citizenship later.

    I have following questions:

    � if I don�t work for my current employer for at least six months, What kind of issues comes up when applying for citizenship. What is the law.

    � How do the USCIS knows I worked for the current employer for atleast 6 months. Do we have to show six months paystubs or yearly W2s.

    All I am just trying to get a knowledge of what is the law.

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  • Iammontoya
    10-08 08:32 PM
    Several reasons, some of which were mentioned. You need Adobe Acrobat to edit the document. PDF format is cross platform. To view the pdf output all you need is the free plug-in. In other words, if I created the document in Illustrator and "printed it" to a pdf file, you would not need Illustrator to view the contents.

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-29 05:51 PM
    There is no need to withdraw your 485. But why do you need 2 485's. It just shuts out visas for others. You can continue on H1b with your current employer and join in EAD with the other.

    Not an attorney , please validate with one

    Under current USCIS processing two 485s do not waste visa numbers (as visa numbers are only assigned at the time of approval). When petition is approved, the other one will be automatically denied/withdrawn, or USCIS will send an RFE just around approval time, asking for one of the two apps to be withdrawn.


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  • Lisap
    08-24 04:29 PM
    What does LUD mean?

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  • saimrathi
    07-03 02:39 PM
    Just read that if you have sent one check for 1-140 & 485 then the whole package will be returned and you would have to refile your I140. If you have sent separate checks then they will just return the I485 part of your package.

    Source: Either Fragromen or Murthy. Check their websites.

    Sent in two checks.


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  • skothuru
    06-21 03:22 PM
    You just need to fill up the first page & the rest 3 pages would be automatically filled. That's how we did, you can still check against this.

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  • factoryman
    06-13 07:54 PM
    No, not necessarily in my opinion. She has legal F1 status and that is what you will show on the relevant forms.
    I have my 140 approved and my wife is on F1. How can I proceed with filing 485? (since the dates are current). I am thinking that my wife need to be on H4 before I file for 485.
    Will appreciate if anyone has had similar experience and is willing to share.



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  • badal
    10-31 10:10 AM
    Hi Gurus,
    My PD is 04/2002 and RD is 18/June/2007, EB3 India. EAD approved and fp done in Aug.

    There are no soft LUDs on my 485 after 7/17/2007. What does this mean? Is there a way to check if I am stuck in name check?

    I see many people with later RD and PD getting soft LUDs. Is anyone else in the same boat? Please advice..


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  • girishvar
    08-11 09:37 PM
    Photocopy is fine. However get the photocopies certified by your attorney.


    I am going to Chennai for my visa stamping and the consulate website says that I need to present the " complete I-129 petition submitted by your prospective employer including the Labor Condition Application " during the interview. Can any one tell me if the photocopy of those documents will do or do I really need to carry the originals (which I don't have)?




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  • drakeshireplace
    05-01 10:16 PM
    Guru's help!
    My company wants to transfer me to Europe for 2 yrs. Its a very good opportunity for my career. My I140 approved and 485 is pending. PD March 2006 EB2 India. It wont become current for foreseeable future. I am appplying for 3 yrs of H1B extension.

    Can I be outside the US for 2 yrs w/o jeopardizing the GC process. Can I then come back after 2 yrs on stamped H1?

    My wife used EAD to work. Can I apply her H4 extension with me and she foregoes her EAD? Will she get H4 status and extension along with my H1?

    Can she then come back with me after 2 yrs on H4 and then revert back to EAD to work?

    I need to make a decision soon. Any replies will be greatly appreciated!

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  • rsdang
    01-07 11:42 AM
    My wife had that stamped in blank passport an year and half back and had no issues...

    She had all the documents

    Copy of
    my 797
    my passport
    my H1B visa
    Proof of marriage
    Letter from me stating I will support her and that she will live with me in US
    My bank statements (last 3 months)
    A letter of support from my employer

    nothing else comes to mind at this time... All the best. Nothing to worry about.


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  • sanjeev_2004
    02-14 05:55 AM
    VISA BULLETIN FOR MARCH 2007 is out No change in EB2.

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  • Karsoo
    02-23 12:28 AM
    I got married one year ago. My wife was born here and we filed my I-485 and I-130 and I-765 with her.
    1- my office in CT state ( hartford)
    2- I applied in April 31 2009. My sponsor was from CT and my wife is the petitioner
    3- They received my cases and cashed the checks June 10 2009
    5- In July 31 I did my biometrics test ( finger print )

    6- In Aug 2009 we moved to Michigan and My lawyer is going to transfer the case to MI
    8- october 21 they requested some evidence
    9- Nov 2009 they requested that the sponsor and the petitioner should have the same address???
    10- I changed my sponsor and I have a new one from Michigan.
    11- January 9 2010 they accepted that.
    12- Feb 3 my Lawyer surprised me and told me that I have an interview in Hartford,CT even tho she changed every thing to MI. She said she has the proof that she changed the address but it didn't update in the system and she blamed the system. she said she is going to reschedule my appointment to MI and she said the are going to send me a new notice in 2 to 3 weeks.
    13- Feb 8 2010 they ordered my EAD card.
    14- Feb 9 they mailed me a notice that they approved my I-765.
    15- My lawyer said they sent my EAD card and the notice to my old address in CT and she said they went back to them and they will re send it to my new address in MI.
    16- Feb 22 as of today they updated all my cases but without any new info ( just the dates)

    17- I am so confused and I have those questions:
    A) Did my case transfer to MI or nothing happen since I moved?
    B) how long does it take to get everthing back to the right way?
    C) what is going to happen to my EAD card and the NOTICE?

    Please help me with this and I will really appreciate it


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  • ultimate_champ
    07-24 11:15 PM
    IO discretion.

    My in-laws came in Apr'08 to US and left in Oct-08 for India. They then came back again in Dec'08 due to some issues and they had no problems - they again stayed nearly for months.

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  • senk1s
    11-09 06:52 PM
    thanks for sharing your experience

    In our FP - they circled only 485 and we got an lud on 485 ...nothing changed on 765. waiting for the 90 days to schedule an infopass


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  • indyanguy
    11-19 08:46 PM
    In most of the job boards, we see the following employment types:

    1. Full Time (this I understand :))
    2. Contract - Corp 2 Corp
    3. Contract - Independent
    4. Contract - W2
    5. Contract to Hire - Corp 2 Corp/W2/Independent.

    Can someone explain to me what these mean?

    What are the differences with taxation perspective?

    For someone on EAD, (for AC21), which employment type(s) are preferred?


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  • ajay
    11-30 10:03 PM
    Why don't you go and get the visa stamped in chennai consulate or wherever it is applicable to you.
    If you have an AP you don't have to worry about anything since you can use it when you come back.

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  • kshitijnt
    04-24 12:54 AM
    I don't know if here is right place to post this or not. I responded to RFE about 30 days ago and got an email update that TSC has got my response and the case processing is resumed. That was 485 and TB skin test that I had to do again.
    Anyone has any idea what is normal time after response to RFE? I am EB3 with PD of Oct, 2003.
    Do you recemmend me to call service center or go for infopass?


    depends on individual case, processing times and pd

    04-22 06:06 PM
    :) thanksies, I'll have a play around with a couple more.

    07-05 08:36 PM
    Is it a good idea that IV can post question via this link
    about July visa bulletin mess?

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