Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • tissac
    05-06 04:54 PM
    My Wife had the same issue when her H1B got approved. Her attorney (It was his mistake) had to amend the petition . But I remember we got a new receipt number and a new I-94 with the corrected DOB when the final approval came. The bad thing is the amendement application also enters the H1-B cycle of months for approval if not filed under premium processing. We had plans to travel back to India and do stamping at that time. I had to pay this attorney $1000 for PP even though it was his mistake.


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  • PlainSpeak
    02-28 10:05 AM
    We don't want to waste our golden years of life waiting for law to change, so we can get EAD or GC to start business here in USA.

    I have very good business idea where there is huge potential to make it big. My 6th year H1 expires in Feb 2011. PERM recruitment is going on, but my heart is leaning towards starting the business.

    So, we decided to take Entrepreneur Federal Immigration to Canada. We are not yet ready to move to India. My case certainly needs consultation (most likely processing) from Immigration Attorney for Canada.

    I was looking at, but looking for more options. Can anyone recommend other attorneys?

    My business idea doesn't require $500,000 investment to target investor visa in USA.

    I was thinking NZ Long Term Business Visa, but first I would like to explore Canada and then consider NZ.

    So have you decided Canada or NZ?
    What about any countries in Europe. Are they any good ?

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  • amaacnt27
    04-01 07:15 AM
    Thank you.

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  • rkumar28
    07-30 01:16 PM
    Hi Experts,

    I will really appreciate any reply on this.


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  • black_logs
    01-22 08:26 AM
    We had a 8 hr long meeting with a lobbying firm right on the Capitol hill. The meeting progressed very well. We came out with a wealth of information. This firm seems to have the right contacts and connections. I am creating a pointwise document the people in this firm promised and were confident to achieve. Just to let you know we have Labor Backlog centers and Retrogression on our agenda.
    We have appointment with another firm today will update everyone on monday.


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  • bharat2008
    08-17 07:25 PM
    Hi all,
    I am currently out of USA.My new employer has submitted H1 Transfer and extension of stay.
    The petition has been approved along with new I-94. I have the original I-797 with me .

    I understand that we have to surrender I-94 before leaving USA.But in my case I got I-94 after I left USA.Now I need to go for visa stamping in India.

    Should I submit the new I-94 to the US consulate in India?

    Please advise.

    Thank you


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  • dc2007
    08-09 09:15 AM
    Anybody has some sugestion or experience on this ??

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  • surabhi
    08-01 01:54 PM
    My employer has asked me to take care of our office in India. I am on H1B that will expire in 2011. We have decided for me to spend 2 months in India and one month in US. The plan is to reenter US on H1B since it will still be valid.
    I also have a pending 485 and i am going to let my EAD and AP timeout and stick to H1B.

    Now, the question is: will this be a problem? Is there a limitation on how long an H1B holder stay outside the US while continuing to maintain status?

    I am going to be travelling back to India soon but have already spent more than 5 months in india this year (onver three trips) and am wondering if there will be a problem when i come back in november.

    I cant find anything on the net no this.

    There is no problem. I had to do it for same reason i had to work 2-3 months in 2 instances. And for the final time, it was 15 month offshore India assignment. No problems at all.


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  • andycool
    02-02 05:57 PM
    My attorney told there is no problem......


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  • sri2007
    11-10 02:27 PM

    Can someone please help me below question

    I got my finger prints and Advance Payrol receipt numbers from USCIS but not I765(EAD). I called USCIS about EAD receipt nbr but they said "System not yet generated I-765 receipt nbr". My attorny and employer not responding abt EAD receipt numbers and someware I have doubt they did not fill my EAD's as they know after getting EAD i can work for other employer which is 6 months from receipt date. Is their anyway I can track whether they filled my EAD form or not?

    Also please advise is thier any alternative way I can fill EAD's.

    Please help.



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  • whoever
    04-07 06:36 PM
    he is untalented and i dont know how he is still not voted out. he making it to next round every time is a shame. whoever is voting him to next time arent doing the right thing.

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  • krish2005
    12-04 02:41 PM
    Just some hope. But if the trend maintains then they will have lesser pinch on the H1 processs. Hopefully that will help improve GC process as well.



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  • shishya
    04-30 11:18 AM
    I am lost trying to find information on this.

    Here's the situation for adding my wife to my I-485 application (we are from India). We DO have her 100% correct birth certificate we got issued last month.

    However, since the issue date on it is April 2011, our lawyer insists that we need affidavits from her parents as well (perhaps to avoid RFEs). Further the lawyer insists that the Foreign Affairs Manual for India states that these be sworn in front of a first class magistrate of India.

    When her parents went to the local court and request the first class magistrate, the court officer is demanding that we have a sealed copy of the requesting authority (USCIS) that clearly states that a first class magistrate's signature is required!

    (i) Is the affidavit supposed to be sworn in front of first class magistrate? Even if we have a corrected birth certificate?? Or can it be signed by an 'Executive Magistrate' or maybe even just notarized??
    (ii) If yes, did someone else face a similar issue?
    (iii) If yes, is there a USCIS document I could send to satisfy their demand?

    I did try to find a USCIS document but all it states is that ... IF the birth certificate is unavailable ... then "sworn affidavits" need to accompany non-availability certificate from a competent local government authority.

    Please advise :(

    PS: FYI, they went to the Palghar court in Maharashtra, India.

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  • jags_e
    07-18 11:09 PM
    The DHS ombudsman has a call-in coming Friday afternoon where we can give feedback to his report to congress.

    In the Spotlight
    "How Is It Working For You?" The CIS Ombudsman's Community Call-In Teleconference Series provides a forum to hear issues of concern to individuals and employers as they interact with USCIS.
    "The Ombudsman's 2007 Annual Report to Congress: Your Questions and Comments"
    Session 1: Thursday, July 12, 1:30 p.m. � 2:30 p.m.
    Session 2: Thursday, July 12, 3:00 p.m. � 4:00 p.m.
    "The Ombudsman's Recommendations to USCIS: Your Questions and Comments"
    Session 1: Friday, July 20, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
    Session 2: Friday, July 20, 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

    Find more details at


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  • tnite
    11-07 11:45 AM
    I have a question. I am a July 2nd 485, EAD, AP filer and I did not receive my AP yet. My H1 visa stamping got expired, and I am planning to go to India for 2 months. Can I leave US before my AP gets approved, hoping that it will be approved in the next 2 months time and my attorney will send the AP papers to my India address?

    Is it possible, please advice.


    There is no official documentation for to do's and to not do's without AP.
    But folks have gone to India without the AP and then got it fedexed while In India and used it to get back to US.
    My brother in law did the same. I am not aware of the potential issues he might face in the future but will post so when something happens.

    use it at your own discretion.

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  • mmk123
    06-22 08:49 AM
    stupid troll...

    "Last year October I went to vacation in India and transfer my visa from L1 to H1B status and got stamped and enter USA with new visa status" - IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?

    At least last October, they had client letter enforcement in place, it was impossible to have this kind of stupid transfers.

    Do you think the group members are idiots? These stupid people post the message, get some stupid replies from their troll puppets and they post it on other anti-immi, rac*** forums to badmouth IV. Shame on you.. Instead of using such cheap tacticts, enhance your skills and COMPETE...


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  • user_5
    01-22 03:47 PM

    I was working on L1 before and my h1 was approved in october but i joined on h1 only in december before the 60 day grace period?
    Now i need to visit to india so
    1) Will there be any problem to get stamped in india if i travel in April ?
    2) Can i get stamped in Mexico or Canada? How many pay slips n other documents do i need ? What is the process of getting stamped in Mexico or Canada?
    3) Which one is less risky (going to mexico or canada) ?

    Please let me know ASAP. I appreciate your help on this.


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  • gcdeena
    12-17 04:00 PM
    but strange thing is , NSC shows it as October 26, 2007

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  • kirupa
    08-27 12:20 AM
    Hi Gazman,
    You are right - that part of the tutorial is completely broken, and I need to modify it a bit. I am not 100% of the changes you need to make yet, but I will post an example shortly with the changes :)


    01-07 11:08 AM
    Is this for H4 renewal or first time H4. If its for renewal she can go to any US consulate in India. However, if it is first time she has to go the consulate that falls in her zone i.e her place of residence. Confirm it with VFS.

    01-07 10:36 AM
    Had a quick question. Not sure if this has been discussed before. Planning to get wife here on H4 and she wants to study. I have applied for 485 and in retro now. Is it advisable to study on H4 or F1? I know she can work on F1 but would that not be advisable since lets say the VB does become current in future for me then filing her 485 might be a problem since F1 is pure non immigrant and USCIS might hold it againt her. Any info/simlar situations greatly appreciated.

    You can only work on an F1 under OPT which can only be applied for after at least two full semesters of studying or after graduation.

    The F1 is not purely a non immigrant visa since this is the one people like my son are transferring to since they aged out of the employment based immigration system. If it were this would not be possible.

    An H4 is as good as any choice if she plans to study. The fees will depend entirely on the state and the educational institution she chooses to attend.

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