Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • va_dude
    02-04 01:07 PM
    It's not clear what you really mean.

    You say your employer has agreed to file your AOS papers but has not agreed to proceed with the processing. Isn't that one and the same?

    Besides you should ask for exactly what the risk is.

    Maybe hiring your own immigration attorney or a consult is the best to get your facts straight.

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  • diptam
    07-10 09:20 AM

    Do you know that if i become a named Plaintiff in 485 fiasco lawsuit and the lawsuit drags for a Year ( just vague timeline) does that imapairs my ability to file a fresh new 485 application if my PD becomes CURRENT ?

    I'm also assuming that USCIS would not return my Package sent on July 2nd since i'm the middle of a live lawsuit as a plaintiff.

    Thoughts ? Knowledges ?


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  • thomasstuart
    11-25 03:35 AM
    PIO is a foreign national who has Indian origins or Indian ancestors and OCI is verseas Indians who migrated from India after 26th January, 1950, except those from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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  • nashorn
    08-09 03:00 PM
    It looks to me that only those who had their case filed by atternoy are getting receipts and cash encashed. Tell me I'm wrong or right by posting your case status.


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  • MYGCBY2010
    10-24 01:27 PM
    Hi ,
    I filed for i-485 ON July 23rd along with the EAD and AP. My EAD got approved and got a RFE on AP. I haven't received my Finger Print notice yet. Will RFE on AP affect the FP?..

    Is it normal that I haven't FP notice after almost closed to a month after the checks have been encashed?..

    Any inputs are highly appreciated.


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  • godspeed
    02-16 09:08 PM
    ok this is a little unusual, my exp so far has been the checks are almost always cashed within 3-4 days, call cust center or take infopass and follow up, if you have a lawyer then ask him to check on it.
    However i am not sure why your application reached VSC.
    We have been applying for advance parole document at NSC for the last few years.
    This time also we sent our application to NSC on 01/28/2010.

    However, after about 15 days, we received a receipt notice letter from Vermont service center and the case is now pending at VSC. Moreover, the check is not cashed yet.

    Based on the state we are living, the I-131 application instructions specify that I-140 based applications should be sent to Nebraska service center.

    I am wondering if USCIS started processing I-131 applications at VSC.
    Or our application is mistakenly misclassified and sent to VSC.

    Any comments?


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  • navin80
    06-21 04:13 PM
    Gurus please advise,

    I have a H1b with Company A. It expires in Nov 08.
    A couple of months ago I joined company B and they transferred my H1B.
    Now if I want to go back to Company A, do I need to transfer my H1B again?

    Company A has not cancelled my H1 and I am in good terms with them.

    pl. advise

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  • neeidd
    12-24 01:31 PM
    Create a new account using the following and follow the rest:

    Click on new user, then check mark the privacy policy then it will guide you step by step.

    It is a renewal and it costs $340 to you.
    Thanks for the reply, ajay


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  • cbpds
    06-18 04:07 PM
    Hillary is another moron

    It looks like this was an inadvertent statement of the President's plans before it was formally announced by the Justice Department. Secretary of State Clinton told an Ecuadoran television station: �President [Barack] Obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the federal government should be determining immigration policy,� Clinton said in comments first highlighted by a conservative blog. �And the Justice Department, under his direction, will be bringing a lawsuit against the act.� Predictably, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is upset as is J.D. Hayworth, the anti-immigrant candidate trying to replace John McCain as Arizona's Senator. Here's today's...

    More... (

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    03-18 08:56 AM
    I think your first point is valid. I would do the same thing. If you are using AP, I don't think you need to go for stamping.

    Your second point is some what complicated. As your H1 is expiring in April, if you renew it later in July, it might go for consular processing, which means that you won't get the I 94 with the approval notice. In that case you need to reenter uisng a valid visa.


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  • pezz77
    08-27 01:50 PM
    Hi guys,

    I am in real need of suggestions for attorneys in the area. I am in PA, and need a good attorney (since mine just dropped off the face of the earth). Don't really care where he/she is, but I want to go with someone that it's been suggested by other immigrants, rather than other attys.
    Please reply with suggestions. I appreciate it.


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  • sanjay02
    06-22 01:56 AM
    Tell them that you will report their activities to Dept of Labor.

    Look for DOL local office. But before you do anything call an attorney speak to him.


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  • martinvisalaw
    12-16 05:14 PM
    i hv an approved I-140 thru employer A (my current employer). so i am eligible for 3 yrs H-1B extension. the I-140 was approved more than 6 months ago.

    You are only eligible for a 3-year extension (assuming you have less than 3 years left of your initial 6-year stay) if your I-140 is approved AND your priority date is backlogged.

    once my H-1B extn is approved for 3 yrs, i want to xfr my H-1B to employer B. in that case, if employer A revokes the I-140, then what happens to my H-1B extn? does that become null and void?

    No, but you cannot use that I-140 to get another H-1B extension.

    pls. note that I-485 is not filed, so i cannot invoke AC-21.

    You are using AC21 for the 3-year extension, just not the 485 portability section of AC21.

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-08 03:30 PM
    The House of Representatives on Saturday night passed a sweeping health care bill by a vote of 220-215. In the next few weeks, this bill will be analyzed and there will be various summaries online regarding this important piece of legislation. I would like to focus on the Immigration related matters in the Bill.

    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus staunchly oppose including a provision that would bar undocumented workers from using their own money to buy health insurance policies available through the exchange.

    The measure is already included in the Senate Finance Committee's version of the bill and is backed by the White House. Some conservative House Democrats have also indicated their support for the Senate language.

    Several Hispanic Caucus members who discussed the issue with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday said they had received assurances the Senate language would not be included. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, D-Texas, warned Thursday that several caucus members might try to block the House bill if it's changed to conform to the Senate measure. Pelosi's bill includes various requirements for immigrants to verify their citizenship before getting federal subsidies to buy health insurance. Conservatives, however, have called the requirements insufficient.

    We will review the Bill and report on more important points that will be of interest to Immigrants.

    More... (


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  • kirupa
    04-16 01:46 AM
    Oh no - I really really liked your Swift 3D text. I meant the 5c. Sorry about the confusion. The Swift 3D text is part of their logo. You can't change that :P

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  • bhartigorkar
    07-26 11:43 AM
    I am not the art student.Just using online resources i was trying to build my skills.May be this is reflecting in my work now.So i have decided to quit from this competition.I am taking back all of my entries.



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  • Pasquale
    04-01 01:07 AM
    You guys are funny......... in bed.

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  • baba84
    04-28 12:38 PM
    Lucky guy!
    When was your PD date? Just curious

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  • sreenivas11
    08-28 09:33 AM
    Hi pd04
    when did your checks encashed?

    12-15 03:56 PM
    IVians in the state of KY,

    Please join the newly formed IV KY State Chapter. Click on the link in my signature to join the chapter. Let us join our hands together and fight to resolve our issues.

    11-10 12:33 PM
    H1-B transfer will be a good option.

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