Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • bang
    06-10 08:09 AM
    Just hold on to those papers and make them available when they travel back in future.
    Their Visa will not get cancelled, i have seen people coming back second time after just rejection. But ensure they leave the country ASAP

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  • gparr
    January 3rd, 2005, 04:18 PM
    Since we're playing with Freddy's photo and my other option is work, I did some basic processing to bring out what's already there.

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  • H1B-GC
    06-24 04:15 PM
    Thanks all for your replies!

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  • uma001
    02-04 07:57 PM
    Dont worry too much. Get your H1 extension with current employer even if it s a consultancy firm when you are on project. It wont be deied.


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  • raju3g
    08-09 03:33 PM
    cjain, have u got receipt notice and poll results it shows u self filed,
    is that correct.

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  • shreekhand
    06-12 11:47 AM
    Absolutely no problem. (assuming you visit is not very long - greater than six months and your GC gets approved as soon as you leave).

    You can return using your AP as some suggest. Be mindful not to show any non-immigrant visa ( H1, L1, B1 etc.) as that might be construed as abandoning LPR status. If you do not have a GC, some have been given deferred inspection (to prove your status in a local USCIS office at a later date). Another option is for someone to collect your GC and mail it with a reliable service abroad (FedEX etc.) - in anticipation of some disagreement, this is perfectly legal - it is not a passport and is a entry document not a departure doc.


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  • peterchan
    07-24 02:06 AM
    As a H1B holder, can I start a new company and volunteer for it while I am holding a full-time job for the company that sponsors me the visa? I am expecting the new company to gain a profit, of course.:)

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  • gdilla
    07-27 02:59 PM
    Why would you even consider this at this point. After 8/17, everyone will be U, so who knows when you get to even file if you wait. You want to tack on 6months to your wait (and thats being generous), and them pay more money?


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  • zico123
    06-27 07:40 PM
    is it possible to apply in Delhi even if u r from Mumbai... Has any1 done tht before?
    You can easily go to any consulate in India without any problems. but for reassurance you can email and ask the Delhi consulate with details.

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  • marty
    03-14 02:52 PM
    Thanks for the reply. I've also got canadian immigration as a backup and my visa is valid till April 20. I was planning to go to canada and come back to US on parole but my friends advised me to wait as from march bulletin it looks like my PD for Oct 05 will become current hopefully in the next bulletin. I was told that I might put the US case in risk as you never know what could happen when you come back.

    What do you guys suggest?

    Thanks for your help.


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  • shx
    01-29 07:02 PM
    You should only disclose class B misdemeanors and up. I would think that your citations are class C misdemeanors, which are same as traffic violations. I don't think you are required to disclose those, unless you got arrested, taken to court, etc. Just my opinion.

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  • shana04
    03-08 12:13 AM

    After a long time I am logging into IV board. It was difficult period. Moved from TX to VA During January start. It took long to get me a good "matching" job and had to move on EAD. Sent the "proof of employment letter" to lawyer for AC21 notification.

    - BharatPremi

    Please see your PM


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  • TomPlate
    07-05 02:10 PM
    Ada Ramus.

    All can file I-485 now. please go through this link.

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  • lelica32
    08-09 01:00 PM
    My Lawyer said that the Premium Processing for I-140 will be again available from 08/16/2007, he said he knows that 100%. Did someone have some information about this ??. Can this be true??


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  • ski_dude12
    04-15 12:58 PM
    both of us are physicians working on h1b visas .we have ead's.i want to do a fellowship.i believe i cannot do a fellowship using my ead.can i use my wife's ead,showing myself as a dependant?all help from the gurus will be greatly appreciated.thanks.

    EAD is employment authorization document. Your analogy is like -

    "Can I use her driving licence to drive around town". I am not sure if that is what you meant.

    If you want her to be the primary applicant in your GC application and then use EAD as a dependent, that is possible. You will lose your H1B status then.

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  • Waitng4GC
    03-24 08:47 PM
    Recently my employer has decreased the hourly rate given for many years in the pay stub but providing the difference as bonus. Will it affect my EB2 Classification and I-485 approval.


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  • wandmaker
    04-07 11:47 AM

    May be a dumb question, but i would like to know how to proceed from here..

    I have an approved 140 and applied for 485 got by EAD and done my FP, however recently i got married and i want to know how do i add my wife to my current 485 status ??

    My employer lawyer says ; 485 dates should be current to add my wife ?? is that true ??

    True, Your attorney is correct.

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  • pnagar
    12-05 08:35 PM
    Guys, my details are:

    PD Apr'07 EB2
    I-140 Filed May'07, pending
    I-485 Filed Jul'07

    Please help me with:

    1) Assuming 140 is approved before changing the current job under AC21, what are the things the new firm has to file. Does the new firm have to file 140 again? I presume that labor and 485 stays help folks.

    2) I will complete 6 mths of 485 filing in Jan-08. If 140 gets approved around Jan-Feb'08, is there any risk if I change my employer after that under Ac21. Does it hurt if the present firm withdraws 140 after approval?

    Sincere thanks in advance.


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  • N_She
    05-23 08:25 PM
    Hi All

    I think it is for EB based green card, but not for family based.

    08-02 04:46 PM
    Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum,

    I recently changed job. My H1 transfer is not complete yet. Now I have received a very good offer from a different company. Can I transfer my H1 to this company now?


    09-28 02:54 PM

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