Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • pappu
    06-15 05:39 PM
    The Conrad 30 J1 waiver program has been extended to September 09.
    I believe IV core has been actively pursuing the Conrad 30 Improvement act. Can core please update us regarding the chances of this legislation passing in September 09 ?

    Yes that is correct. IV core member Paskal has been leading this initiative from the front. He will provide an update. If you are part of the IV Physicians group, you may find more information from him.

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  • manishcp
    05-08 07:39 AM
    I used last time and I show offcer only one and he return it to me.
    LAst year I got 4 AP documents. This year I got only 2 PA docs.

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  • gc_on_demand
    07-15 03:01 PM
    NJ members please reply

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  • cox
    April 10th, 2005, 09:42 AM
    Most of us with English as our native tongue are spoiled and speak no other language well. And, as Fred says, some of us don't do well with English either...

    The mountains are nice, though, since both the foreground hill and background hill are the same apparent height, it does not have as much impact as it could have.

    The gull shot is sharp, but will appeal to people more if you get them traveling basically toward the camera, rather than away from the camera as is the case here. I have also found that I like to have some space in front of an animal/bird/fish so it looks like they are going somewhere.

    Just my opinion. The most important thing, of course, is that you like them :)


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  • GCHope2011
    02-02 02:59 PM
    Nothing stops you from having a religious marraige.

    You will anyways need a marraige certificate from the civil authorities to prove marriage, even if you hold a religious marraige.

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  • wandmaker
    08-25 01:10 PM
    My spouse currently is in H4. Is it possible to get his F1 visa stamped (with i-20 and other documents) within US? for example, in local USCIS offices.?

    Also, does getting COS (h4 to f1) approved means, we can exit and enter US without stamping in INDIA?

    Stamping within US is history - However, if COS is approved, your spouse can continue his studies without stamping, but if you exit the country then you need to stamp your F1 and return.


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  • TwinkleM
    09-05 12:34 PM
    I have been approved for a new H1 visa for 2 years - Consulate Case. My previous visa extension was denied & so applied for a new one with a different company in a different state. I m trying to book an appointment online for the interview in which I have to fill up DS 156 form. There is one question # 24, where it is asking me write the address where I will stay. At present, I have not decided on address as I don't know stamping would be approved or not. So what do I need to write there. I presently stay in a different stay where I own a house.

    Lawyers & experienced people pls. help out as soon as possible... I am running out of time...

    Thanx In advance

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  • gcwait2007
    06-30 12:07 AM
    I have similar issue and spoke to my Immig Attorney, who advised me as follows-

    (1) In order to maintain your resident alien status, you should be in USA more than 181 days, in other words it is adviseable to stay less than 180 days outside USA.

    (2) It is adviseable that you return to USA, ASAP, once you get CRIS email that GC approval has been provided.

    (3) I believe you are going to use AP. You would prepare your I-94 card at the POA and the POA officer would ask you where you are employed before putting stamp on I-94. Be prepared to answer that question. Most likely 99%, the POE IO will not ask any proof. However, it is adviseable to have a current job (sort of Employment Verification Letter) and leave letter approval.

    All the best.


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  • bowbow
    08-16 09:43 AM
    I hate IT consultancy Business. I don't want to cheat hard working people.
    I wanted to start something good that i can work by my self and not cheating others.

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  • coolpal
    04-17 03:58 PM
    A lot of people don't submit a formal AC21 letter when they change jobs, but if you want to do so, then it is better that you don't assume that they are going to look at your h1b app and figure you used AC21.... in most cases, uscis doesn't even look at AC21 before sending an RFE or NOID when I140 is revoked. Take what you can out of this...

    pal :)


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  • roseball
    10-24 10:19 AM

    Me and my husband left US on AP, which is valid until nxt year. We both were working on valid H1's until we left. We dont want to go for stamping and will use AP on our arrival at the POE. We havent applied for EAD when we left. Is it Ok for us to apply for EAD once we are back in US or is it ok to apply for H1's again once we r back. In both cases whether we go for h1 or EAD, can we start wroking rt a way or do we need approval first.


    If you are planning to continue working for the same H1 employer when you return on AP, then you can start working immediately. If you intend to change employers, then either your new employer needs to file a H1 Change of Employer petition and you can start working once you get it approved OR you can apply EAD and start working when its approved.

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  • bouncer
    11-06 01:39 AM
    Hi bouncer!
    You need a clientaccesspolicy.xml file that allows you to make accesses across domains:

    Kirupa :P

    Hi Kirupa,

    Thanks for your answer and the Karen's link. I was reading your article " Preloading and Displaying an Image " . Great article. Do you have any idea to write an article based on todays question?


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  • sury
    02-08 02:41 PM
    Kumar..thanks for the response..

    Given a situation if I have to work for my own LLC, can I draw salary on EAD..?

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  • jonty_11
    08-07 04:57 PM
    USCIS issues receipt numbers after the Armageddon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • dealsnet
    07-30 11:57 AM
    You want him to work with GC or just want to keep him working. ?
    Eventhough the GC application is denied for EB1, you can process EB2 or keep him O-1 or H1B. For EB1, there will be strict rules by USCIS. If your company didn't meet the criteria for it, forget about it. Do it in EB2.

    We hired a scientist with O-1 visa two year ago (company provided all the documents). This scientist applied green card (EB-1) last year. This week he recived a letter rejecting his application. The reason is not about his personal qualification but is about the company. Letter says company had no publications although we provided the copies of US patent applications.

    We are a small R&D company with no budget for and work plan for any kind paper writing. Can INS use "without publication" as the only reason to turn down the EB-1 type application?

    This scientist is very important to our company. What shoul we do to let INS reconsider this decision?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • qasleuth
    05-18 07:44 PM
    Is there any law that prohibits termination of a worker during her PREGNANCY DISABILITY LEAVE (MATERNITY LEAVE) Or FMLA (Family and Medical Leave) on the basis that the USCIS didn't approve the petition (god forbid)?

    Firstly, very sorry for your situation. Seems to be very tricky. I am no lawyer so take my .2 cents with a pinch of salt. I think you are intertwining two separate issues. FMLA may protect you during maternity leave (you need to read the act to see if you qualify) BUT USCIS not approving your petition has nothing to do with your pregnancy neither does your employer. Your employer can terminate you on the basis of non-approval of your H1 not that he is doing because of your pregnancy.


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  • EdenMN
    06-27 04:08 PM
    Please give us more details , don't mention color of the receipts(one is Visa appointment fees and second Visa issuance fee )

    as far I remember , the receipt used to get visa appointment should match with what you you submit at consulate. If you have lost it then u need to get another DD and book/if possible edit the appointment deatils

    But if you have lost Visa issuance fees , u don't have to modify ur appointment details but sure you need to get another DD

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  • cox
    November 17th, 2005, 12:12 AM
    The petals are great, but the ones in the background are distracting to me, as I think you were alluding to. I like the shape and the color a lot.

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  • moonrah
    12-26 06:21 PM
    this is not a major layoffs...will it still impact?

    02-09 01:27 PM
    Microsoft is definitely working on increasing H1-B and EB GC quotas. It is possible that they might have been one of main proponents of the immigration clauses in S.1932

    09-15 05:50 AM
    The tutorials are really cool, but I am stuck at the same place :)

    Hi Gazman,
    You are right - that part of the tutorial is completely broken, and I need to modify it a bit. I am not 100% of the changes you need to make yet, but I will post an example shortly with the changes :)


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