Wednesday, June 1, 2011

live life tattoo

live life tattoo. Tattooed: “To young to die,
  • Tattooed: “To young to die,

  • Mochi Hana
    Sep 8, 05:05 PM

    here you go.
    Thanks so much! :3

    live life tattoo. Love Life Tattoos. Live, Love
  • Love Life Tattoos. Live, Love

  • sheeracali
    Mar 26, 10:05 PM
    I'm having problems with resume. In Safari,preview and some other apps, when I quit it dose not resume. It only resumes when I right click the icon on the dock and go to quit from there. It won't work from the safari menu or with cmd Q. Is this a normal bug or can I do something to fix this. Also, Airdrop is not showing up in the Finder sidebar.

    live life tattoo. in trying to live life for
  • in trying to live life for

  • jared1988
    Apr 10, 08:09 AM

    how do you get the drives info to show on the side like that?

    live life tattoo. “Live thy life in serenity”
  • “Live thy life in serenity”

  • Jeffers87
    Jul 11, 03:33 AM
    Just got back from the store, with new 16GB iPhone in hand.
    Managed to get the second phone from the store.
    Thanks to all the guys there with me this morning, was actually a really fun experiece.


    live life tattoo. live life tattoo
  • live life tattoo

  • snberk103
    Jan 18, 12:10 PM
    really ?
    looking at _production_ cars:
    Toyota Prius from 2009: drag coefficient: 0.25

    Tatra 77a from 1935: 0.21
    Rumpler Tropfenwagen from 1921: 0.28

    the late 30ties were actually the high point in aerodynamics being the focus in automobile manufacturing: there are countless of other examples from the time which simply never made it into production because of the war:
    like the BMW K1 prototype which also achieved a value of 0.23 despite being a full 4 door saloon

    another interesting car: the Fiat Turbina prototype: which had a coefficient of 0.14 (a record for 30 years) but any further development shelved because of problems with the expieremental fuel gazzling overheating turbine engine ;)

    Thanks! That was fun following up on some of these early cars. Some of them are just gorgeous. It is amazing and inspiring that engineers working with slide - rulers and wind tunnels (and without fancy computers) could achieve the same kind of drag coefficients on their designs that modern supercomputers can come up with.

    However - I still think my point stands ("Steadiness"). While small production cars may have been aerodynamic - the industry average was not. In fact I could argue that as engine efficiencies improved, industry wide, aerodynamics got worse because the overall mileage stayed much the same (or improved slowly).

    live life tattoo. mortal and to live life to
  • mortal and to live life to

  • idesign245
    Oct 11, 02:14 PM
    switched it up a bit... my design.


    live life tattoo. Tattoo Live Life Without
  • Tattoo Live Life Without

  • johnpaul191
    Apr 28, 07:41 AM
    1) As people said, it was an "old design" when most people not expect a new iPhone release every summer.
    2) They released a 3G iPhone as Verizon is releasing LTE devices. I wouldn't buy any 3G phone today and be locked in for 2 years.

    Now add the fact that Verizon customers (myself included) never knew when to expect a verizon iPhone, and sort of gave up waiting. Those points above are not nearly enough reason to do an early upgrade and pay full price for the "older" style iPhone. I'll probably get a Verizon iPhone when I am out of the contract with my Droid X, but that's not till Summer 2012.
    I do know a bunch of people that left Verizon for the iPhone that said they will come back, but are not going to pay those astronomical ETFs to do it.... especially to then buy the same phone they already have.

    Wait for a next generation LTE iPhone to show up and people to run out their contract, and I bet a lot of people switch to Verizon.

    live life tattoo. vidaquot; meaning live life,
  • vidaquot; meaning live life,

  • Hansr
    Apr 4, 05:27 AM
    That is not connected to Windows on Mac so this is the wrong category. But to answer the question just drag the Office folder to the Dock on the right hand side of the Application/Folder break.


    live life tattoo. Live Life Tattoos
  • Live Life Tattoos

  • studiomusic
    Nov 11, 09:52 AM
    I sure hope so. I'm just about ready to switch to Premiere Pro CS5.
    Please don't make me switch Apple!

    live life tattoo. Live Life Tattoo
  • Live Life Tattoo

  • hobbbz
    Mar 8, 12:00 AM

    Just released. Only does basic conversion for now but it's something.


    live life tattoo. Live Life Blacklight Tattoo
  • Live Life Blacklight Tattoo

  • mrblack927
    May 1, 07:42 AM
    I'm the one who found it. It's the following file:


    live life tattoo. Judes tattoo
  • Judes tattoo

  • marksman
    Apr 28, 06:26 PM
    This just proves a lot of the verizon fanboys were all liars. They actually secretly switched to AT&T and got the iPhone already.



    live life tattoo. I shall not live in vain;
  • I shall not live in vain;

  • Archon Gold
    Apr 24, 03:02 PM
    It probably just means that the iMac is not functional, as in Apple Technicians made it out of spare parts.

    live life tattoo. LIVE tattoo design section
  • LIVE tattoo design section

  • ezekielrage_99
    Mar 21, 12:23 AM
    Hi Thanks for the advice. That email about the literal interpretation of "freelance" is insane! I hope you didn't have to deal with that person for very long :)

    Thankfully I cut my ties with that person very quickly and ensure all of my work was NEVER used by them. It was when I was much greener so it was a good thing to learn and enable me to set some very good boundaries

    1) Never work with a friend of a friend.
    2) Never work for free.
    3) Never work for a start up business UNLESS it has a larger group behind it (Public/private equity group, blue chip client with a new business, etc.. is ok).
    4) Never do work for a religious organisation (seriously not a good idea). Or for that matter a union...
    5) If you lie with dogs you'll get flees. Never work on a project you wouldn't want other clients seeing as a client of yours on your Portfolio.
    6) Never work with a company where they can't speak your native language... Cheque time comes and "miso soli me no undastandy".
    7) Be choosy about who you want to work with. Talented designers will always find work while talentless designers wont.

    P.S. - love the peanuts/greedy monkey analogy. I think I'm learning the hard way, that there are indeed a lot of them out there. Someone needs to make an "Attack of the Greedy Monkey's" iphone app :)

    I found in experience if you price yourself a certain way you tend to loose the "bottom feeding clients" as I like to call them. It also means the people who take up the service generally understand the price positioning thus have an idea of intrinsic value assigned to it.

    Here's a links I've found rather amusing/helpful:
    10 Client Personalities (
    Bad Clients and How to Avoid Them (

    I also forgot about this gem of a client


    live life tattoo. Live/Life tattoo - Rate My Ink
  • Live/Life tattoo - Rate My Ink

  • likemyorbs
    Mar 20, 09:58 PM
    I thought we'd left the idea of horrible back in the dark ages. :rolleyes:

    At least some of us have.

    I saw the Swedish "Millennium series" films a few months back a couldn't help notice that when the protagonist was (wrongly) sent to prison, it looked more like a college dormitory than anything you'll see here in America.

    likemyorbs would be horrified to see prisoners treated so humanely.

    First off way to respond to the least important point in my post, i actually kind of expected that out of you. Treating them humanely and treating them like they're staying at a five star hotel are two different things. You're not supposed to make it so nice that people want to go there to escape the real world. Why should my tax dollars go to playstations and internet access for child molesters and murderers? That's beyond humane, that's just plain idiotic. Why don't we just provide them with their own butlers and maid service while we're at it? How about a cell phone too? :rolleyes: What a joke, this forum sometimes feels like the twilight zone.

    Despite what you, I, or a victim's family might want, incarceration is not punishment. Incarceration is the protection of the public.

    Of course it's for the protection of the public, but it's also not supposed to be a pleasant experience, it's supposed to suck. If you don't think that, i don't know what else to tell you, you're just too separated from reality at this point to turn back.

    live life tattoo. My tattoo says quot;Life is about
  • My tattoo says quot;Life is about

  • applemacdude
    Dec 11, 01:52 AM
    sent u an im


    live life tattoo. Live Life Tattoo
  • Live Life Tattoo

  • Mr. Gates
    Mar 23, 10:34 AM

    live life tattoo. Tattoo Life Magazine animal
  • Tattoo Life Magazine animal

  • livingfortoday
    Jun 21, 10:47 PM
    I have a D-LInk Dl-524 wireless router up for grabs. It's 802.11g/2.4Ghz compatible. Woo!

    I want $13.16 for this, shipped. Delicious.

    This is the rare candy-coated version - so it's the most delicious router you can own.*

    *Please do not lick or eat this router.

    live life tattoo. One Life to Live tattoo design
  • One Life to Live tattoo design

  • dubels
    Feb 19, 08:36 PM
    Here is my current one

    Please share this. Awesome picture

    +1 and nice MotoGP pictures

    Apr 13, 10:16 AM
    The iPhone4 is way behind demand in Latin America. I can speak for 2 countries, where the price of the unlocked version is between 1100 and 1600 US$. An that price is where the minimum wage is about 250 - 400 US$.

    In those countries, the BlackBerry is cheaper and more easy available. So yes, RIM is very very strong outside USA.

    I hope Apple could make iPhones faster and make it more available. Until that happen BlackBerry will be #1 outside USA. :(

    Where is my iPhone mini! ;)

    Apr 2, 10:52 PM

    Full of Win
    Apr 27, 12:58 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    We iPhone and 3G iPad owners are plenty upset by this as well.

    Well, to be fair, you express hate toward Apple constantly. And given the conspiracy ideas in your signature, you are plenty upset about lots of things in your life. So I would hardly consider you a typical case. Apple could offer free computers tomorrow and you'd instantly post a message expressing your hatred of Apple for doing that.

    I don't hate Apple, just many of the things they do. Most Apple products I love.

    Sep 5, 10:13 AM

    Any chance of the original background JPEG?

    Pretty please?:D

    Mar 25, 02:38 PM
    Is this well-veiled sarcasm? If not, you guys are ridiculous.

    1) Google does not own the mapping database they use
    2) Even if they did, there are multiple geographic/mapping data providers
    3) None of them obtained their data by having employees drive around in vehicles... That's an absurd suggestion

    Is this well-veiled sarcasm? If not, you are ridiculous. How do you think Google gets its "Street View" data? Here's a hint:

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