Sunday, May 29, 2011

amy adams fighter

amy adams fighter. Amy Adams Hollywood Premiere
  • Amy Adams Hollywood Premiere

  • w8ing4intelmacs
    Jan 11, 08:36 PM
    As the Mac community eagerly awaits for a MacBook Touch, it seems to me that a MacBook Air based on the MacBook would be a yawner.

    maybe later in the year they will debut the MacBook Air Pro :) :D

    amy adams fighter. Amy Adams (The Fighter)
  • Amy Adams (The Fighter)

  • EGT
    Oct 23, 07:42 AM
    Please let this bring something. I'm getting sick of the constantly repetitive threads.

    They're never going away. After this release, there'll be posts about the next processor/upgrade. "Should I buy or should I wait!!?" :p

    Anyway, Macbook Pro updates tomorrow, woohoo. :cool:

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  • Amy Adams (THE FIGHTER) is

  • rjohnstone
    Apr 26, 06:10 PM
    Here's a brilliant idea... only people who have actually gone through the trademark process should continue to comment.
    Having been through it twice, I can tell you that it's not a walk in the park.
    There is nothing cut and dry about any of it.
    Your success depends just as much on your prep work as it does on the examining lawyer from the USPTO side.
    Fortunately we had a great lawyer working with us from the USPTO.

    I got one approved for my wife's company name, and lost the other trademark application for of all things, being descriptive.
    We knew the second was a long shot, but had to try.

    amy adams fighter. Star Fighter Amy Adams lit up
  • Star Fighter Amy Adams lit up

  • steve2112
    Apr 11, 07:37 PM
    With the exception of about two years, I have been driving manuals for about 20 years. I don't know how much longer I will be driving one, as the selection is getting limited. Also, most of the models I have been considering are auto-only, or only have a manual available on the absolute cheapest models (2012 Ford Focus, for example). Also, I have a nagging back injury that that flairs up every now and then. Driving in very heavy traffic in my current car can cause some pain. A couple of years ago, I got caught in a nasty jam in Dallas and I could barely walk the next day. It sucks.

    Edit: Forgot to mention this Cool Story, Bro: To show how much I like manuals, when looking to buy a Mazda6, I hunted for months to find the ever-elusive V6/Manual tranny combo. I was looking at used models, so I was at the mercy of the market. I always seemed to miss them when I would find one. I really wanted the car, so I had finally resigned myself to getting the auto, when I stumbled across one by accident. I was at the dealer to look at at an auto model, when I happened to walk by a hatch with the manual. The thing had literally been rolled out to display that morning. After a cursory test drive, I bought it.

    amy adams fighter. Adams is way out of her usual
  • Adams is way out of her usual

  • lordonuthin
    Dec 18, 05:43 PM
    i may add some more over the break

    Cool, you are getting away from me again... but that's a good thing! :p

    amy adams fighter. The Fighter#39;s Amy Adams rocked
  • The Fighter#39;s Amy Adams rocked

  • godrifle
    Nov 27, 01:10 PM
    It's about time Apple provided Mini buyers with a branded monitor option. :)

    amy adams fighter. Amy Adams (Best Supporting
  • Amy Adams (Best Supporting

  • lordonuthin
    Mar 5, 06:32 PM
    And congrats for 10mio points!


    congrats to whiterabbit for 10 million points!

    And Thanks

    I should be picking up steam again, soon.

    amy adams fighter. amy adams fighter. Amy Adams in The Fighter; Amy Adams in The Fighter. Senbei. Jul 13, 09:54 AM
  • amy adams fighter. Amy Adams in The Fighter; Amy Adams in The Fighter. Senbei. Jul 13, 09:54 AM

  • doctor pangloss
    Oct 23, 08:18 PM
    I just got the new battery for my 12" PB.

    I'm waiting for a 12" MBP.

    Until then I'm happy saving my money.;)

    Maybe I'l buy a GPS for my motorcycle or go fishing. Probably both!

    amy adams fighter. Video - Amy Adams Roughs It Up
  • Video - Amy Adams Roughs It Up

  • Evangelion
    Aug 25, 04:58 AM
    I hope they add a second Ethernet and Firewire to it.

    Both are pro-features, so it will be VERY unlikely that we will see them in the Mini.

    amy adams fighter. The Fighter star Amy Adams
  • The Fighter star Amy Adams

  • iW00t
    Jan 7, 12:45 AM
    But the screen on the 17in MBP (1680x1050) by definition can't do HD (1920x1080). I don't care how well it can scale down, scaling down is not playing at true native resolution, and with most new content heading toward 1080i (and eventually 1080p), getting anything less than that now is just heading toward a dead end media wise IMO.

    Why do you need HD on such a small device?

    People have been watching TV on 640*480 28" TV sets for decades just fine. Likewise your Macbook Pro at 17" is doing as good as it possibly can at 17 inches, not like that extra 30 pixels vertically will make some difference.

    My main concern with the Macbook Pros getting higher resolution displays is that there may be a possibility that Apple will break away from the current crop of low quality grainy displays and drop something else better in. Perhaps when Leopard is released we may even get the option to BTO in a higher resolution display.

    amy adams fighter. amy adams fighter. The Fighter#39;s Amy Adams,; The Fighter#39;s Amy Adams,. Thunderbird. Mar 31, 04:10 PM
  • amy adams fighter. The Fighter#39;s Amy Adams,; The Fighter#39;s Amy Adams,. Thunderbird. Mar 31, 04:10 PM

  • Storm9
    Oct 12, 12:24 AM
    thanks. when it gets colder here, i'll start doing the bigadv units again. then the points should really add up. if they keep the units going.

    What are bigadv units? and how do I run them?

    I am currently running two instances using:
    ./fah6 -local -smp -verbosity 9

    do I just add the flag ' -bigadv ' to my command above?

    PS: I have a 2.53ghz MBP

    amy adams fighter. The Fighter: Amy Adams Qamp;A
  • The Fighter: Amy Adams Qamp;A

  • Judo
    Mar 25, 04:08 PM
    Pretty interesting.

    Could portable consoles be the future?

    Switch the ipad to TV mode so it acts as a Apple TV/Game console with a bluetooth controller.

    Could be pretty cool.

    amy adams fighter. Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams
  • Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams

  • karlfranz
    Nov 28, 10:49 AM
    Last week I was at my local Best Buy with a friend and we stopped at the MP3 player display to see the Zune for the first time. They had a black and a brown model on display. We were commenting on the ugly brown color when the salesguy told us they had actually sold one of the brown ones. We asked him what he thought about the Zune and his response was that it really wasn't too bad a player and showed some potential. He then said that, unfortunately, both the units on display were already broken so he couldn't shows us any features. We couldn't stop laughing as we walked away.

    Two days later I was at another friends' house for Thanksgiving dinner. I told him about the Zunes at Best Buy and how I couldn't try them out because they were broken. He disappeared into another room and reappeared with a brown Zune he had bought a few days earlier. My reply to him was "So you were the one that bought the brown Zune"!

    amy adams fighter. Amy Adams Amy Adams at the
  • Amy Adams Amy Adams at the

  • jemeinc
    Apr 2, 08:06 AM
    [QUOTE=Doraemon]What are you talking about? iTMS not generating profit? Geez, check your facts!

    Actually, while I couldn't disagree with iMac-Japan more, I have heard the itms doesn't actually make a profit on it's own... It's real purpose is to sell iPods, & break even on the sales of songs, or so I'm told...

    amy adams fighter. Amy @ The Cinema Society
  • Amy @ The Cinema Society

  • millerrh
    Oct 23, 04:58 PM
    I sure hope DanCosich's post is true! I just had my 12" Powerbook stolen from me last week and my insurance company is paying for an equal replacement or if one isn't available, the next thing up. Looks like a 15" MBP is the next thing up! Going from a 1.33GHz G4 to a C2D MBP is just a plain silly upgrade. I'm out $1000 from a deductible, but that's quite the upgrade for $1000. I'd say it was worth the theft except the fact that my car got busted up as well.

    *crosses fingers*

    amy adams fighter. Amy Adams - quot;The Fighterquot; Los
  • Amy Adams - quot;The Fighterquot; Los

  • twoodcc
    Mar 17, 04:54 PM
    and i was able to hit 5 million points recently! even though my production is down slightly, while my last power bill was up ($190). so my production might go down a lil more

    so i hit 5 million points on jan 27, and i hit 6 million points today. so that last million took me 49 days. not my best so far, but hopefully once i get back to my apartment next month i'll be back in business

    amy adams fighter. amy adams fighter. Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams; Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams. chrmjenkins. Apr 22, 03:48 PM
  • amy adams fighter. Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams; Amy Adams Actress Amy Adams. chrmjenkins. Apr 22, 03:48 PM

  • carve
    Feb 5, 01:05 PM
    Soon to be my first car...2001 Volvo S60 :)

    amy adams fighter. The Fighter star Amy Adams
  • The Fighter star Amy Adams

  • SciFrog
    Dec 1, 09:05 PM
    Thanks and I'll be expecting you to blow past me then, in about a month :rolleyes: or so...

    Well, I won't get back the #7 spot from you ;) unless these 12 cores Gulftown Mac pros come out at MWSF...

    amy adams fighter. amy adams fighter hot. dec Amy+adams+oscars+2010; dec Amy+adams+oscars+2010. tazo. Jul 5, 05:05 AM
  • amy adams fighter hot. dec Amy+adams+oscars+2010; dec Amy+adams+oscars+2010. tazo. Jul 5, 05:05 AM

  • Multimedia
    Nov 17, 07:16 PM
    Hummm... did a little looking around and it still looks like 2x 1 GB gets you a better price then 1x 2 GB. What place did you look at?Cheapest Two x 1GB sticks kit is $331 from Omni via this link (

    That to me spells crossover time since for only +$3 you only fill two slots instead of 4 for the same 4GB of RAM.

    Cheapest Two x 2GB sticks kit is $665 at 18004memory via this Ramseeker kit (

    I recommend you always use a ( path to get the best price on RAM. It you don't use their respective listed vendors will charge you a lot more when you don't use those links in the ( comparison chart.

    Mar 18, 07:18 AM
    Here's a video on the latest developments in Lybia. The "No Fly Zone" really means, "No Fly for Quadaffi plus Yes Bombing for US and UK".

    Is it me, or does war seem kind of rediculous now. :cool:

    You know it. I would even go so far as to say it's ridiculous! :rolleyes:

    In full disclosure, I've had a borderline man-crush on Obama since he announced he was running for POTUS... but when I heard about this UN resolution, my heart just sank. Eight years of Bush "forcefully spreading the gospel of democracy 'round the world" idiocy and we appear to have learned nothing. Nothing. :(

    May 3, 01:15 PM
    It's a dialogue box for christ sake. :rolleyes:

    +1 (but it doesnt matter to the hater).

    Oct 23, 11:04 PM
    64 bit has to do with memory addressing, not GUI speed. Someone posted they felt it unlikely Santa Rosa (Intel 64 bit memory support chips) would be released early. But doesn't Intel have a 64 bit memory addressing system similar to the ?965? now?

    64bit instructions can provide a speed boost for certain computationally-intense applications that are optimized for it. Think scientific / visualization type apps where high precision values are needed and when 64bit values are being used, suddenly on a 64bit platform with 64bit registers, the time for a multiplication operation can effectively be cut in half. That's very simplistic, but not all that far off. Over in PC Land, some 3D rendering softwares have 64bit to 128bit (Lightwave is 96bit) operation pipelines in place for their precision values. Their 64bit optimized versions are showing 15 to 35 % speed ups depending on the various task vs. the 32bit version of the software doing the same thing on a 32bit OS, so there is a boost...

    While you won't see the speed advantage in your Tiger or Leopard GUI, you'll notice it if you run any calculation-intense software that's optimized for the 64bit platform. So there's a bit more there than just being able to address more memory....

    If you don't need 3+ GB of portable memory NOW, you might as well wait till June 07 or buy whatever is available now and be really happy with it.

    I'm starting to feel like a broken record with this one... If you do need more than 3GB of RAM now, then you're out of luck. Intel is not shipping any mobile chipsets capable of addressing anything larger than a 32bit address window (4GB). Factoring in all the memory addresses used by system overhead, BIOS, video memory, etc..., you come up with just a fuzz over 3GB that you can actually address and use, even if you install a full 4GB. This won't change until they ship Crestline -- the updated mobile chipset (i965). The Desktop i965 series has already been shipping for a while now and that works with the desktop Core 2 Duo CPUs (Conroe).

    Sep 6, 05:53 PM
    Bring It On!

    But hopefully these are a better resolution than the current TV show on Itunes. It should be at least DVD quality, If not these price model will bomb IMHO.

    Apr 12, 10:22 PM
    Well, looks like I was right on the mouche. :D

    You're not taking into account that the price is for FCP X alone, not the whole suite of app's

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