Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • tablo13
    Sep 19, 10:12 PM

    And I used a Nikon D5000 with 50mm F/1.4G lens. :cool:

    Great! How long did it take to arrive? Over a week?

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  • Erwin-Br
    Mar 24, 03:07 PM
    Can anyone explain the nVidia hate?

    I, for one, miss my old GeForce 8800.

    I have a Radeon HD 5770 now, and there are these little annoyances. For instance, when I run my bootcamp partition inside VMWare, the AMD driver software starts complaining. The GeForce didn't give a damn. Speaking of which, I had to install the .Net framework to install the AMD drivers. Kinda cheap. And every now and then I get a slight flicker in the screen. To be honest, I'm not sure if that's the Radeon, but I've never had it before.

    Don't get me wrong, the card is performing superbly overall. But the driver side still needs some polish. (And that's a complaint I've been hearing for ages!)

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 19, 05:23 PM
    It's just the last time I remember a UN action it was 98% US in Iraq.

    The 2003 invasion of Iraq (March 19�May 1, 2003), was the start of the conflict known as the Iraq War or Operation Iraqi Freedom in which a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom and smaller contingents from Australia and Poland invaded Iraq and toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein in 21 days of major combat operations.

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  • shawnce
    Aug 29, 02:07 PM
    The pricelist from Intel themselves (PDF). (

    Core 2 Duo: Merom pricing.

    Yonah prices in normal font, Merom in bold
    1.66 GHz - $209/ $209
    1.83 GHz - $241/ $241
    2 GHz - $294/$294 etc. etc. That link is currently to the July 27th 2006 price list which was way before the merom announcement (note that no merom parts are listed). Wait until the new price list is posted...

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  • copykris
    Nov 25, 03:34 PM
    New glasses. First time for me, astigmatism correction takes some getting used to, but I think they look good:

    may i suggest a case for when you're out on the road

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 20, 09:27 AM
    "Firing missles and bombing" from great distances has a "disconnect" between people.

    I 'll agree with this, but not in favor of ground troops and "camaraderie." The real issue with missiles and bombs is collateral damage. Even if we get the target correct and use our best laser-guided systems, we still end up killing the neighbors or showering kids in the street with rubble, etc. For all our money and technology, we have not taken the brutality out of weapons systems. As a parent, I know I'd have a hard time accepting the loss of my kids for the benefit of my country, especially at the hands of an outside force whose families are tucked cleanly away in their peaceful western beds.

    The jets and rockets are there to prevent Gaddafi from killing civilians, not to prevent Gaddafi from winning.

    As far as you've been told.

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  • newagemac
    May 2, 05:03 PM
    They could have simplified the whole process in the following way:

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  • AppleNewton
    Mar 1, 06:02 PM
    Are the little glowing boxes hard drives? If so, how much space do you have sitting there?

    Yep all of them are hard drives, i have 2TB in each one and then a RAID-0 with 2x2TB. I keep most for back ups of Photos, Music and Movies and OS clones (i'm fairly meticulous with back ups and having them on more than just one drive..but most duplicated clones are taken offline and stored after back up).
    One is used as my external iTunes library as there isnt enough space on the SSD and the others are free space, diagnostic drives, work drives used to do audio/video or photo storage/editing

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  • popelife
    Jan 2, 06:48 AM
    Leopard for G3s, please.

    An iMac with an adjustable screen height, with dual C2D chips.

    Thereby adding $300 to the price...? Doesn't seem likely.

    Need four cores? Buy a Mac Pro.

    A Macbook with a proper keys on the board.

    Maybe I'm weird, but I really like the MB keyboard (I did some tests and found that I can touch-type significantly faster on the MB keyboard). The MBP keyboard looks old-fashioned and fussy by comparison, and the tactile feedback from those rounded-off edges isn't very good. So I really want the reverse - a cleaner-design MacBook Pro that uses something more like the MB keyboard.

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  • ChazUK
    Apr 26, 01:58 PM
    Matts Macintosh describes 1984 Mac System 1 comes with dash-board like widgets. Video:
    Thanks for the video Consultant. Looks like my computing knowledge doesn't span back far enough. Are there any more videos or links that discuss the history of widgets at all?

    My quick bit of searching has bought me to and which implies that Apple may have been the precursor to modern desktop widgets.

    Interesting stuff.

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  • GFLPraxis
    Aug 29, 01:53 PM
    Yonah doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Merom is pin-compatible and costs exactly the same amount. Besides, it would be a PR boost for Apple to have the entire lineup 64-bit and "Leopard ready". The Mac Mini is going to use the 5000 series Meroms and the iMac is going to use the 7000s.

    Except now that Merom is out, Intel will be dropping the price on Yonah soon. Which will make Yonah cheaper.

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  • iEvolution
    Mar 23, 02:29 PM
    The chance that the iPod Classic is updated to 220GB is zero. Apple has no plans to ever update a hard drive based non-touch portable device (they would not waste their time), and they've shown even less interest in increasing the capacity of any device beyond even 64GB flash.


    Yeah man, because it would be just so much effort to swap the 160GB for the would just cost WAYY too much money and too much time.

    What a ignorant post.:rolleyes:

    The COST is the issue with beyond 64GB flash at this point.

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  • Homy
    Jan 4, 06:11 AM
    iLife '07 ( and iWork '07 ( are out on Amazon.

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  • JohnHummel
    Jul 20, 10:17 AM
    There are more details here -

    At the end of the page is a breakdown in the sales figures.

    Desktop sales are down 14% on last quarter, and 23% on a year ago, but laptop sales are up a whopping 60% on last quarter and 61% on a year ago.

    Not surprising - until they announce the Intel Powermacs, I think that desktop sales will continue to decline. But once they get those new Powermacs out, I think new users - including gamer types - will start picking up. You'd be surprise how many times I've heard that the Macbook Pro is quite the gaming machine.

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  • GregAndonian
    Mar 25, 08:24 PM
    Where's the Flash support? Now they have no excuse... ;)

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  • McKellar
    Nov 23, 04:12 AM
    Typical. Are they 2.33 and 2.66GHz models Aiden? Got links?

    SideNote: The Madonna Concert in HD on NBC tonight is groundbreaking broadcast television. One of the most amazing telecasts I have ever seen-heard. I am a huge Madonna fan though. :D Tony Bennett's special last night also on NBC was an amazing HD composition as well.

    I just had a (very) brief look, Dell seems to be offering Cloverton in their Precision workstations, but only the low-end E5320 1.86Ghz model:

    I imagine that Apple probably won't use this model in the Mac Pro or Xserves, and are probably waiting on the faster versions to be available in greater quantities, as it seems that they might be in short supply if Dell's only offering the slowest version.

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 15, 09:46 AM
    well i guess my mac pro will continue to serve me well. so i'm not too worried that new ones are coming out, glad actually. go apple:cool:

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  • milo
    Sep 6, 05:06 PM
    ironically, this is why Apple stock does not plummet like other computer vendors. giving buyers few options to upgrade forces people to keep upgrading the system. you know that Apple Mac users upgrade their computer more often than PC users.

    Or it encourages them to look at PC alternatives. Do you have a source on mac users upgrading more often? Among the people I know it's the other way around.

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 29, 05:21 PM
    Quite a few people on this board want Apple to simply announce the next Macbook Pro with Merom, even if it has delayed shipping. That would, however, compel students who need computers now to look elsewhere.

    (1000th post - WOOT!)

    I agree with you completely on this point, without having heard it put that way before. And congrats on the 1K post. :)

    Sep 14, 09:59 AM
    They DO, I don't think you have the facts. CR held Lexus' feet to the fire to get them to act on the GX - .

    They EXPLICITLY came out and said "DO NOT BUY". A lot harsher than the Apple "Cannot Recommend".

    People trust CR because they're a non-profit that doesn't accept ads, endorsements, or free product. So, I don't see what is wrong with not recommending a product that has a flaw that the manufacturer isn't providing a permanent/non-band aid style fix for.

    If you read their article/write up on the iPhone 4, they give you the facts and let you make your decision, but when CR says "Recommended" you can be pretty sure you're buying a product without its issues. I don't think anyone here can say the iPhone 4 is without its issues. Those issues aren't a material problem for me, so I love mine, but I'm not a blind Apple fanboy type, either, so I have the wherewithall to understand that Apple and their products aren't perfect.

    I respect CR for making an unpopular call & sticking with it. I tend to trust them because they are open about their testing, results, the facts, and make recommendations based on that. I can make my own decision, so I didn't heed their "Not Recommended", but I do understand and respect why they rated it so and why the Case Program isn't an acceptable answer.

    PS - Auto makers pretty much do have to go door-to-door and hand out the fix for affected cars. You get a card in the mail and if it is a safety issue (e.g. accelerator/tip over, etc) they will even have the dealer come GET the car from you until it is "made safe" again. The onus is *NOT* on the owner, the company has to be proactive about it. Besides, CR isn't asking Apple to send a Steve Jobs look alike to everyone's home to put a case on their phone - they're just asking Apple to provide a *permanent* fix, be it a *permanent* case program (which I think is a band-aid, and I think CR sees it that way, too) or a *permanent* hardware fix. There is no certainty what the case (no pun intended) is going to be after Sept 30 - they have a point there.

    Follow up - Lexus fixed the problem and CR lifted their "DO NOT BUY" recommendation - . CR is *NOT* the problem here, it's Apple penchant for hubris/self-involvement. I love Apple and their products, but I'm not fooling myself to expect that they'll be any more consumer-friendly and honest than they need to be to turn a profit/feed Steve's ego.

    Get your facts straight before you spout off with inaccurate rhetoric.

    Does Consumer Reports stop recommending automobile purchases? Because you know if there is an issue with a car, the manufacturer will issue a recall. If you are affected, you have to take it into a dealer where it will be fixed. The onus is on the owner of the car, for crying out loud! The auto manufacturers should go house to house providing the fix for free to all cars, whether their owners report a problem or not!

    Wait, you mean Consumer Reports does not hold the auto manufacturers to the same artificial standard they hold Apple to? How amazing...

    Aug 29, 10:02 AM
    Apple upgrading the Mini with Yonah processors makes the most sense. The Mini is all about being affordable; I hate it when people use the word cheap, cheap is the crap you buy at Wal-Mart the mini is not cheap. We probably won't see a Core 2 Mini until but that just fine for me because that's when the Intel GMA X3000 will be ready. Coupling a Core 2 Duo processor with a GMA X3000 will give the Mini a lot of punch.

    This is how I predict the product lines will look by the end of the year:

    Yonah --> Mac Mini & MacBook
    Merom --> MacBook Pro
    Conroe --> iMac
    Xeon --> Mac Pro & Xserve

    Apr 3, 01:08 PM
    Cranking up the hype machine when the product is out of stock every where is classic Apple.


    Sep 24, 05:51 PM
    Going to Best Buy in a few minutes. Going to look at their Grip Vues, and then Griffin 'Reveal's ( ) which show off the nice shinyness, and comes with a stand. Whichever I grab, probably will note here the quality. :P

    Mar 24, 02:36 PM
    All of those 5xxx cards were already supported!!! I have had 5870s running natively for a long time, and so have the other 5xxx cards.

    If apple is planning on supporting off the shelf graphics cards it would only be beneficial for hacking sheds not real macs. The only Mac where a user can upgrade the gpu is the Mac pro, which is really only sold to businesses, which don't really need to upgrade the graphics, especially since the Mac pro comes with 5870s now

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