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  • W1MRK
    Apr 16, 06:48 PM
    haha, if you can master than then I'm sure any other car will be simple

    Do you have to double clutch or can you float based on the Tach and Speedometer?

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  • chuckiej
    Jul 18, 07:46 AM
    They are not going to announce this at WWDC. Just cause its the next big event does not mean anything. They would certainly give this its own event.

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  • The.316
    Nov 27, 12:27 PM
    Black Friday Goodies :D

    Samsung LCD TV 40"
    Black Wii
    WD MyBook Elite 1.5 TB
    Ikea Mount

    Samsung = best TVs IMO. Was there that much difference between the Series 5 and 6? I have a 40" LED TV, and aside from the LED, I think the difference in MHz is important.

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  • ssn637
    Mar 31, 01:07 PM
    Can we perform a clean installation with DP2 or do we have to first install DP1? I just deleted the original Lion installation image from my backup drive, thinking I could restore the DP2 image to an external drive and boot from there. But it looks more like this requires Lion DP1. How do I download DP1 again from the AppStore if I need it? :(

    OK, finally got it to work. First tried converting the .app installation file to a .dmg and then restoring that to a flash drive, but Disk Utility couldn't scan the file. Then I ran the program, and upon restarting copied the installation image located in the temporary partition to a USB flash drive, which is now bootable.

    I'd recommend a clean installation rather than updating 10.6.7 since this poses less problems with program compatibility. For example, Cool Book didn't work after the update but works fine following a clean installation of Lion.

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  • jencarlos canela 2011. jencarlos-canela; jencarlos-canela. robby818. Apr 28, 10:34 PM. Using my digital calipers the white is .01quot; thicker,

  • Stella
    Jul 18, 09:58 AM
    I like to know that I can listen to (or view) my music on my schedule, at my convenience, on my time. If someone's telling me that I've got to hew to THEIR schedule, then it's just ceased being convenient.

    Thanks, but I'll pass.

    Apple are allowed to change their minds about the purpose of iPod / iTunes ( just like a woman , as we keep on being reminded! ) :-)

    When you rent a movie from Rogers, blockbusters etc, you watch the movie to their schedule...

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  • RyanNoah
    Sep 14, 12:47 PM
    I just picked up the Belkin Grip Vue at BestBuy in Wilmington, DE. Very pleased.

    It seems like these cases cover up the speaker. Is this true and if so, is the sound muffled?


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  • Danksi
    Dec 31, 12:54 AM
    What do I see the iTV for? Streaming media, a glorified IP TV box, an easier way to bring the iPod to the living room. I really don't see it doing anything else. I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

    This is how iTV was originally presented, at least from what I recall, accessing your iTunes/iPhoto content on a TV. There's a hint there may be more, but I don't think so.

    My interest is the convenience of not having to plug my iBook into the TV and then mount the media drive inside the MacPro located upstairs, to watch some family movies or something I've downloaded. This certainly isn't convenient for the rest of the family.

    I've been shoving everything Music/Video related into iTunes, which has made access loads easier/quicker from both the iBook and my wife's Windows XP laptop (using iTunes) - but it's still not on the TV, without cables etc (and no remote)

    Unfortunately I've also noticed that not all movies/video-podcasts are shared properly, some are fixed by re-importing, some by re-tagging with 'lostify', but others are stubborn - this 'bug' needs fixing!

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 21, 02:36 PM
    Twitter ( is informative, but after 42 years of impotence, normal service cannot be resumed instantaneously. The prospects seem remarkably good, though, that what emerges from this will be an unusually honest democracy.

    I hope so, but the next question is how long Libya will have miultiple governments, and under what conditions the rebels recieve official international recognition.

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  • Mike84
    Apr 26, 02:15 PM
    Your point is that you cannot find such a trademark as "app store" in the standard character format because "app store" is too general right? The other person posted that "pet store" would be a ridiculous example of this.

    Ok fair enough. Pet store was registered in the stylized or design format.

    But your basic argument against Apple is that they cannot use app store as a trademark in the broader text format because it is too general. But this is not the only example of such a thing.

    If this is the case then Apple Store will be thrown out too. It is the same type of trademark. Two words, not one and not preceded by "the".

    App Store
    Apple Store

    The other argument is that "app" is too generic and that the term was around prior to the trademark. I do not believe this is valid either as "app" may have existed but was not widely used. The argument would have been used agains the prior trademark of "appstore" in that case.

    One thing is for sure. Our opinions will have no bearing on the final outcome.

    You define the lexicon of the overall society?

    I think you are missing the point:

    "What are some other reasons for refusing registration?

    Registration may be refused if the mark is:

    • Descriptive for the goods/services;
    • A geographic term;
    • A surname;
    • Ornamental as applied to the goods"


    App Store is descriptive of what it does. In other words, it sells apps or applications. Therefore, it cannot be trademarked. Apple can use it if they want, but so can anyone else doing the same thing.

    This is pretty much saying that Microsoft is going to trademark Operating System. Both Microsoft and Apple make operating systems. What Windows is is a type of operating system. Windows does not describe the product.


    Shop that sells windows cannot trademark "Window Seller" because it describes precisely what the shop does. It is generic + descriptive = no trademark.

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  • bedifferent
    Apr 2, 09:48 PM
    I noticed that I had around 15.6gb on my 25gb partition just before installing the update. Afterward I have 17.32. It could be that some settings or cache or whatever in some places have been reset. I know that my Launchpad needs to have apps placed back into it, but that couldn't take up that much space(?). Could be something else I haven't seen yet.

    All that I have on the Lion partition is the OS install. Even my Home directory is pointed to that on my Snow Leopard partition.

    Do you have "local snapshots" on in "Time Machine"? If so, it creates a hidden folder of saved data, snapshots, and it fills up quickly. You can uncheck it, then delete the hidden folder (I think it was in my Home folder). Local snapshots is still a rough beta, they're fleshing it out still.

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  • RaceTripper
    Jan 10, 03:53 PM
    Well traded the Subaru today time to get something a bit more sensible so i got a 2007 Ford Focus ST-2.

    Done all the paper work today and pick her up tomorrow afternoon, cant wait.

    MattNow if I were in England and I was getting a Ford Focus, I think it would have to be a RS. :D

    We don't get to play with those on our side of the pond. :(

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  • tristangage
    Feb 18, 06:07 PM
    What screensaver/program are you using in the top-right photo? Looks pretty sweet and I'm not sure what it is.

    It isn't a screensaver, it's Geektool on his desktop.

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  • cozmot
    Apr 26, 05:15 AM
    Would feel the same way if it was Google or Microsoft or any other company?

    Um, yes. My credit card companies have a real good idea of where I've been. Google stores my search data. My ISP knows where I go on the Net. But if the FBI is listening in on my phone conversations or reading my emails -- as they are known to have done *even* when a citizen is not a suspect in any scheme -- I have a problem with that. The Patriot Act is the real threat to our privacy.

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  • ibook30
    Jul 14, 01:10 AM
    I'm going to have to give this one a big negative.

    The problem with either HD-DVD or Bluray is that neither is a standard in the next generation of DVDs.
    This is all Sony's fault.:mad: If they learned anything from the Betamax, they should know that when ever they try to standardize a technology, they fail.
    This is way too soon to call.

    Too soon to call is right.

    I forgot about Sony's history in this field... :eek: they have some challenges,,,, but the way this plays out in the DVD/ Home Entertainment market is a problem....

    Unless.... the DVD/ Home Entertainment market continues to converge with the PC market.. (I know I have used the word "market" too much tonight, my apologies) Perhaps the high cost of bluray DVD players will make a 30 inch iMac with bluray more attractive for the elite who want a cool new TV to play fancy DVDs on, and surf the internets while checking email from the couch. (eventually the rest of us will afford this... just a theory). But there is definitely a couple of trends likely to converge here, and soon - in the next three years , I thinks.

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Nov 28, 12:01 AM
    Apple previously had sold a 17" 4:3 ratio LCD until June 2004

    Correction: the 17" Apple Cinema Display was the oddball 5:4 ratio. 1280x1024 is *NOT* 4:3. 1280x960 is. CRTs are usually 4:3, and Apple's CRTs that support 1280 or higher use 1280x960 (such as the eMac.) LCDs that use 1280 use the the non-standard ratio of 1280x1024. Why? No clue. Some oddball decision a little over half a decade ago. But 1280x1024 became the standard for LCDs.

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  • Link2999
    Sep 11, 05:39 PM

    That one looks decent. It's also on amazon in black or blue and comes with a screen protector, but does not have free shipping (~$6 for shipping). (Includes Mirror Screen Protector) (Includes Clear Screen Protector)

    I'm currently holding off for a case that protects more than just the back.

    jencarlos canela 2011. jencarlos canela 2011. Jencarlos+canela+2011; Jencarlos+canela+2011. myamid. Sep 12, 07:16 PM. Yes, but EyeHome does not support ALAC or
  • jencarlos canela 2011. Jencarlos+canela+2011; Jencarlos+canela+2011. myamid. Sep 12, 07:16 PM. Yes, but EyeHome does not support ALAC or

  • Multimedia
    Aug 31, 12:32 PM
    What about this report of a silent mini update already in the pipeline on the French HardMac website? ( :)

    "I have ordered a Mac mini Core solo with 1GB of RAM last Saturday to use it as a server, and what a surprise when I received the box!

    My Mac mini has been upgraded:
    - Core Duo 1.66GHz instead of Core Solo 1.5GHz
    - HD 100GB instead of 60GB
    - and a SuperDrive instead of a Combo!

    Thanks Apple !

    On the box, the specifications are those of a Mac mini Core Solo..."Wow! Fantastic for $599. Awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for - esp the 100GB HD. Looking great. I wonder why the Apple Website Store hasn't been updated to reflect this change? :confused: Surely all in the pipeline that were 1.5 solo are now 1.66 duo. Perhaps Apple doesn't want Joe Blow to know so the rest of the solos can GO with the Blows? :D

    That's gotta be the biggest increase in power in recent Apple history for no additional cost - twice the cores running faster than the previous one. Maybe back in the G4 days something like this happened. But it wasn't at the bottom of the line for $599. And it CERTAINLY wasn't unannounced and not even on the packaging!

    I'm very excited for all the mini buyers out there. Congrats if you get one like this before Apple admits they are in the pipeline.

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  • Eolian
    Mar 23, 02:31 PM
    You still don't get it. It is having all your music with you. The choice to play anything you feel in the mood to hear , not that you play it all from start to finish.

    Exactly ~ does one read every book in the library when they walk in?

    The folks that don't understand the Classic, well, they don't understand the Classic :rolleyes:

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  • SkyeHack
    Jan 30, 12:31 PM

    2008 Honda Civic Si

    Mar 22, 05:36 PM
    Why would they even want to discontinue it? It's not like the iPhone can hold that many songs. You get more space with the price too. Although I still use my 30GB iPod from back when 30 was around the max.

    Apr 20, 01:59 PM
    Or has never driven a Lotus.

    The Lotus had a pretty poor shift. Such long linkages back to the gearbox. The MX-5 (Miata) in the US has one of the best shifts in the world. I've never driven anything with a better shift feel than that. So direct (because the lever is directly connected to the gearbox).

    Nov 27, 08:12 PM
    If you don't need color accuracy, DO NOT BUY AN APPLE MONITOR, there are cheaper monitors that, though less accurate, will satisfy you just fine.

    Funny that you say "accurate" color.....

    Anyone ever hear of the "Pinkening" of the Apple displays over the last 2 years? If you haven't then you may have seen it on your trips to the Apple Store.

    Apple LCDs have had a nasty habit of having a Pink hue to them that you cannot dial out of the display. Granted, Apple has been pretty good at replacing these models, but it has been a major issue to those it has affected.

    True accurate color will only be had by using color calibration units. So with that rebutle I will say that you will be able to achieve "accurate" color with that $250 LCD monitor from Best Buy.

    Jan 11, 09:00 PM
    worst-name-ever. i hope that it's anything but "macbook air"

    Agreed. It's not just a bad name; it's a sin!

    Apr 21, 12:45 PM
    Al Franken isnt tracking me, my iphone is.

    What a lame ass attempt to politicize the issue :rolleyes:

    When it comes to politicians, EVERYTHING is political. They don't do or say anything without some idea on how it can help them politically.

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