Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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couple kissing wallpapers. cartoon couple kissing wallpapers. cartoon couple kissing; cartoon couple kissing. AppleScruff1. Apr 19, 10:42 PM. Even if that were true, so what?
  • cartoon couple kissing wallpapers. cartoon couple kissing; cartoon couple kissing. AppleScruff1. Apr 19, 10:42 PM. Even if that were true, so what?

  • imac_japan
    Apr 26, 10:32 PM
    *cough*Macintosh, the computer for the rest of us :D

    Well, for the people who cant buy a BMW anyway

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  • FireStar
    Oct 30, 01:14 PM
    I need a case too :(

    I'm looking for a case that can protect from drops/falls and shocks. Screen cover is not necessary, because if the case doesn't come with one I can always buy a separate screen protector.

    right now I'm looking at stuff like this case listed on amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Touch-MiniSuit-Diamond-Generation-Chain/dp/B0043L2LRW/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top#productPromotions)

    but I don't feel safe with just some random generic case, so does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard otterbox offers good cases with drop/shock protection, but there are none for the itouch 4g right now.

    For price, as low as possible, but I would be willing to shell out 30 for a good case (like otterbox!)

    oh and did I mention that drop/shock protection is important? :D

    any recommendations are good

    thx guys
    Switcheasy. Not much out yet though. Sad face. :(

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  • ohaithar
    Nov 27, 12:48 AM
    This poster

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  • ojwk
    Jan 12, 07:29 AM
    People here seem to want to condone ANY decision Apple may wish to make. Already people seem to be defensive on the "MacBook Air" name which is probably just a rumor and also seem to be defensive of Apple's decision to remove the optical drive - something we don't even know will happen! People are defensive of Apple's decision to ship the new Mac Pros with the 8800GT and not something of higher spec, people are defensive of Apple's decision not to release a mid-tower.

    I'm a big Apple fan myself but sometimes I do see the point many anti-Mac people make that many Apple 'fanboys' will simply defend any decision Apple may or may not make! It doesn't show loyalty or devotion to the brand but a sheep like quality that really isn't desirable.

    If you can't formulate your own opinions on stuff then that really doesn't corroborate with the Apple marketing and ethos. "Think Different" etc..

    Say what? It may have a higher melting point than plastic, but it's the most recyclable material out there. Plastic often can't even be used in the same application multiple times, and ends up being "downcycled" into something completely different. Wikipedia says recycling aluminum is 95% more efficient than making it from ore; recycling plastic is only 70% more efficient than making it new.

    Very good point.

    Plastic is incredibly hard to recycle as there are many different types that need to be sorted and lots of those can't even be recycled. An example of this is the caps on plastic bottles of Coke etc. This material cannot be recycled - at least my local refuse authority refuses to deal with it.

    Aluminum on the other hand is definitely one of the most recyclable materials out there. It is a simple process of melting it down, purification and formation into ingots of aluminum.

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  • andrew.gw
    Apr 4, 09:29 AM
    I can. Full screen is in large part based on the iOS, if that holds true the address bar is staying.

    That's true, but even in iOS the address bar hides when you scroll down to save space for content. In Lion DP2, Apple has implemented a nice little auto�hide for the bookmarks bar and tab bar � I just don't see why they couldn't do the same thing for the navigation bar.

    It's no big deal; I probably wouldn't hide my navigation bar anyway. All I'm saying is that I think they'll make it an option.

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  • 4God
    Nov 27, 03:26 PM
    I don't understand this. Apple has carried a 20" monitor as their low end for two years. Why offer something even smaller after so long? This seems like a step backwards.

    Exactly, as someone here said earlier, "the 20" is the new 17"

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  • Tmelon
    Apr 2, 02:12 PM
    You feel like it�s a new experience? So much better?

    Well it's still Mac OS X so I can't call it a completely new experience. There's still a menu bar, still a dock, etc. But they've definitely made some improvements. And there's most likely still more to come in terms of speed and stability.

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  • gnasher729
    Aug 29, 04:28 PM
    you can be certain that the price-difference is there. since merom and yonah are 1:1 compatible, why would anyone use yonah istead of merom? but since the two will be sold side-by-side, yonah obviously has some benefits that merom does not have. and that benefit is most likely price.

    Who says Intel will keep selling Yonahs for long time once Merom comes out?

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  • AidenShaw
    Oct 23, 10:57 PM
    Can someone confirm C2D is what is needed for 64-bit instructions? I thought it has be the combination of C2D and chipset to make 64-bit instructions happen. I heard the current platform for CoreDuo was not made for 64-bit.
    The current Napa64 platform (that is, Napa with Merom as the CPU) does support 64-bit instructions. It can't address more than 4 GiB of physical memory, but it can run the faster 64-bit instructions.

    Here's the download page for the x64 drivers for Dell's Latitude D620 with Core 2 Duo:


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  • kdarling
    Apr 23, 04:03 PM
    No, I did not mean the traditional GPS. I was referring to the one that the 911 system uses. I don't think that can be turned off.

    If you use an ATT iPhone, E911 doesn't use the phone's GPS.

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  • chutch15
    Sep 13, 09:05 AM
    There is certainly space.

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  • redAPPLE
    Aug 7, 01:34 AM
    It would be cool if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-Cal.) made a surprise appearance and said - "Hasta la vista, Vista!"

    unfortunately, i think, he is a pc guy.

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  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 22, 12:16 PM

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  • Epsilon88
    Oct 23, 10:32 PM
    Just subscribed online w/ Consumer Reports. I've always trusted their advice, and it's led me well.

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  • chinesechikn
    Mar 26, 06:18 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    The Future of video games?

    In the future, your controller will cost �400, require a 10ft HDMI cable, a �25 adapter, and have the graphics of a PS2.

    Yeah, and you can unplug it, put it in your bag, play it on the train, surf the web, check your email, edit your movie ...bit more than a $400 controller

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  • Mainyehc
    Nov 28, 01:51 PM
    Because they fear the iPod and what it — and its ecosystem — may potentially evolve into; becoming a platform in its own right, particularly with the convergence of multimedia in the home.

    Yes, I though about it... It was a rhetorical question of sorts, anyway. ;)

    I'm also figuring they are afraid of the "Halo effect" (pun intended :D), as that'd explain the whole shebang. They were ALWAYS afraid of losing their leadership on the PC market, and that their iron-like grip would turn loose. The problem is, they grew lazy, and are preety much aware of that, as their delays in delivering Vista prove.

    "So, let's just try to find some other markets to tap into, 'just in case' ", they probably thought...

    That explains the XBox, the WebTV, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, and whatnot. The Zune is just the latest iteration of that behaviour, and more specifically an attempt at stopping the advance of Apple, the iPod, and ESPECIALLY the Mac/OS X platform (while your theory certainly seems interesting, iTV won't be such a threat to Microsoft as it'll most likely be fully compatible with a Windows PC running iTunes, as are the iPod and Airport Express... But it's a valid point, nonetheless :cool: ). iPod+iTunes users can buy a Mac and keep using their nice Apple gear (and even Windows if they really must), while becoming hooked up to the rest of their iLives at the same time, whereas Zune users... well, they can hook up in basements and squirt around, and that preety much sums it up. Or they can suck up and throw them in their drawers and buy an iPod "the next time", which is the most likely scenario.

    So this seems to be just a desperation move by M$, in anticipation, but the media (or the market, for that matter) doesn't really get it... In preety much the same way that they didn't get it in when the iPod was initially launched. <manic speech> Five years from now, we'll be laughing our a**es off at yet some other random M$ failure, and fondly remembering the Zune as the beginning of the end. Muhahahahaha </manic speech>... :p

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  • Luph67
    Apr 2, 07:36 PM
    My god that was so much better than the ridiculous iPhone ads.

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  • SteveKnobs
    Apr 3, 12:56 AM
    ...but all the Apple apologists...so quick to jump to Apple's defense...say that there is no such problem. :D

    You are dead on correct. Many people do not want to endure the wait for a new one if they return it...Many are waiting to see if Apple can resolve the issue in a future production batch. What good is exchanging if the new one is going to have the same, or worse, problem

    I love Apple products but I am always entertained by the rabid zeal of the delusional Apple apologists who insist the company can do no wrong...OR...they simply ignore the common, and obvious, flaws in the Apple product they buy, trying to convince themselves that they have the only "good" one...which on some subconscious level they need to tell themselves so they can believe they are "special" somehow.

    You did a poll asking hundreds of people if they are waiting for this very reason? Dude you're way wrong. The "many" people you are referring to are probably a very select number of....MacRumors members. Hardly indicative of the general population. I don't know if you heard- but people are going mad trying to get their hands on one. Your "theory" or whatever it is about people waiting to make sure the kinks are worked out is, well....stupid. I've read this whole thread and you seem to be on a kick about the light-bleeding issue. Yet you dont own one? Interesting.

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  • SaMaster14
    Jan 3, 10:36 PM
    My daily driver is a Civic FD1:
    http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/4709/evofdsignew.th.jpg (http://img405.imageshack.us/i/evofdsignew.jpg/)

    My weekend car is an Evo X MR:
    http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/9220/45678869185b36fc843ao.th.jpg (http://img714.imageshack.us/i/45678869185b36fc843ao.jpg/)

    Evos are awesome cars! How fast is your model 0-60

    Oh, and I'm gonna try to get pics of the smoked tails on my G37S (not pictured in my first post)

    Back of my car


    Jan 12, 04:57 PM
    Every Keynote people look WAY too much into Apple's advertising and come up with all these crazy ideas. MacBook Air :eek: Wow its made out of 100% oxygen and is invisible, has 16 cores, 4 BluRay drives, 2 HD drives and Windows Vista Pre-installed on a Bootcamp partition.

    Every time people come away disappointed because they overhyped it themselves.

    Apples advertising is done by a marketing company like anyone elses. Some of the adverts are good, some are not. There are no super secret cryptic clues. Its always quite obvious but no one sees it. There may be a little lateral thinking involved but if no one gets what they are promoting then no one will buy the products.

    "There's something in the air" clearly means there's something in the air. It's either a PowerBook G5 that runs on unleaded fuel or something to do with wireless content streaming.


    I'm sure it is something very mundane, like streaming movie rentals via iTunes.

    May 8, 03:22 AM
    ive completely forgotten about this.. i wanna do it but i dont want my baby imac over heating :(

    Apr 21, 11:59 AM
    If someone breaks into my home and hacks into my Mac (using the OS X DVD to do a password reset), I have a lot more worries than whether they know how to find out what neighborhoods� cell towers I�ve used! Luckily, encrypting your iPhone backup is simple, automatic, and unbreakable; and has the added benefit that then your iPhone�s keychain gets included in the backup. (Otherwise it doesn�t, with good reason.)

    If, on the other hand, they steal my phone, they�re unlikely to stop me from remotely shredding it so fast their head spins :)

    That said, dumping the old cached data is good practice, and Apple really needs to do so. I�d be surprised if they didn�t patch it to do just that. So: good catch! (Of course, this was noticed months ago.)

    Yep, both of these are good points.

    Apr 13, 12:56 AM
    This is so that each eye receives 24fps for 3d. So finally 3d will now look like a 3d "movie" rather than a 3d flip book.

    Thanks. I missed the 3D.

    Cheffy Dave
    Jun 24, 01:46 AM
    That's a very old render. I doubt MacAllen made it. Plus, why would you want a transparent display on a desktop? I can almost understand it on a window, but on a desktop it just looks like ****.

    but it's all about what appears in that window,and sort of disappears when not in use, anyway it all just conjecture, not cast in stone, chill, it's just discussion ,yes???;)

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