Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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  • PBF
    Apr 3, 07:57 PM
    How is this logical? Just because I am in FS doesn't mean I don't want the ability to easily change what I am looking at.
    I'm sorry, but either you shouldn't be in FS mode in the first place or you must be absurd to think it's not easy to have to move your mouse all the way to the top in order to reveal the address bar.

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  • war
    Nov 28, 11:49 AM
    For all those people talking about XBox let's not forget one major thing about it. It took off because of Halo. What you may not know is that Halo was originally a mac game from a mac developer that MS bought in 2000. Read up on it to tell your MS fanboi friends here.


    Without Apple gaming there probably would be no XBox today.


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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 26, 12:55 PM
    Apple deserves some crap for all their ill-efforts to trademark "App Store".

    App Store [TM]

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Nov 27, 01:26 PM
    Wow, for the first time ever I actually beat MacRumors: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=3095478#post3095478

    I think a 17" model would be a good idea for Apple. It'll stop people buying Minis from getting their LCD fix from elsewhere to some extent and won't cost Apple a bean in R&D costs since they already use 17" panels in the iMac and have all the internals ready because of the 20" and 23" ACDs. It would only need a different sized chassis to be designed.

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  • eaweber1
    Apr 3, 12:43 AM
    It would be "magical" if Apple could make enough for everyone who wants to buy one....could!

    Now Apple Fanboys....dont blame it on the tsunami....Apple knew they only had 17 of them to sell on launch day way before that happened.

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  • Stridder44
    Nov 27, 02:13 PM
    Or get an iMac...:p

    Haha seriously, I don't get it either. You could totally get a low end iMac for the combined price of a 17" Apple monitor and a Mac mini.

    Hi, my name is Joe and I'm sitting in front of a 30" ACD and I have a 22" ACD beside me. And I'm typing this from home.

    I would rather see Apple lower the price of the 20" and keep all of their displays at 20" and higher.

    I agree. I have an old 17" iMac (at least mines widescreen and none of this 4:3 crap), and I couldn't see going any lower. Consumer or not, it makes more sense to lower the current monitors (starting from the 20") and keeping things that way. Besides, knowing Apple, they'll charge $599 or something crazy for a 17" monitor anyway...

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  • Epsilon88
    Oct 23, 10:32 PM
    Just subscribed online w/ Consumer Reports. I've always trusted their advice, and it's led me well.

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  • Steve W
    Mar 23, 04:07 PM
    You reckon he actually responds to fan mails on his iPhone? :D

    YES! I imagine that if Steve Jobs did not like using the iPhone to respond to fan mails, then the iPhone would be re-designed until he did like it.

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    Aug 24, 07:10 PM
    am I right in thinking that there is still no way to do extended desktop (two monitors displaying different stuff) on a Mini?

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 22, 10:52 AM
    I don't think that apple should be in the business of approving apps.

    I think they should do their best to categorize them and create methods to protect certain age groups from accessing inappropriate apps.

    But otherwise get out of the business of approving 'this' while denying 'that'.

    Should this apply to Apple's competitors as well? Or only Apple should not be allowed to approve/disapprove apps?

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  • d70
    Jan 12, 10:51 AM
    The name Air will collide with Adobe AIR ... couldn't they have chosen a better name like nano and ****? damn it. now every time I search for Adobe AIR I'll get Macbook in the search results.

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  • Rot'nApple
    Apr 2, 08:16 PM
    Did this ad make anyone else misty-eyed, or is it just me? Anyone?


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  • twoodcc
    Mar 25, 12:12 PM
    congrats to 4JNA for 6 million points!

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  • Fukui
    Mar 21, 07:11 PM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....
    Everyone is buying IBMs and if Apple doesn't do something then they are dead.

    Not exactly. Everyone's buying DELLs.

    And, For What its worth, apples market share may be lower over time, but thier installed/customer base IS increasing. Just not at the same growth level as the Big Players. The only thing that prevents apples larger growth is largely microsoft.

    When customers cant access the website they want, take classes to learn MS office only on PC's because the mac version is different, cant use all the same peripherals as windows users (not as bad as it used to be for sure) etc, apple will grow slower than the bigger PC companies.

    How come Acer isnt dying with its meager 3 percent market share?
    Lower prices don't seem to help them that much...
    Its much more than price that determines market share, things like advertising...which is what apple is actually doing for the iPod.

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 12, 09:09 PM
    Fine. You all go and apply to work at a post house and put "iMovie" on your resume. See how long it takes for them to laugh you out the door.

    I haven't really used iMovie since HD, so to be honest I don't really care what they do to it. It's "Super quick to capture and edit DV" time has come and gone.

    What the hell are you talking about? I use iMovie for home videos and I use Final Cut at work. If you don't use something then you shouldn't be bitching about it.

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  • SamEllens
    Apr 12, 09:05 PM
    I know this thread is probably full of pro video geeks so don't eat me alive here. What's the primary difference between FCP and Express aside from the fact that Final Cut Pro is packaged in a suite of applications?

    If you're a novice and start with FCE you won't really find it lacking. When I did a project on FCE after using FCP for 4 years I was constantly irritated by things I use frequently just not being there. I can't remember the specifics - must've blocked it out as a bad dream haha.

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  • JTToft
    Apr 21, 12:26 PM
    Great, so all the users who have their location services setting switched off shouldn't have any hidden files, right? :rolleyes:

    -No. As I read it, that location switch in the settings is purely for the services described in this piece:

    By using any location-based services on your iPhone, you agree and consent to Apple�s and its partners� and licensees� transmission, collection, maintenance, processing and use of your location data and queries to provide and improve such products and services.
    "You may withdraw this consent" in the part you quoted relates only to the above, not the first part of the paragraph on location data in the License Agreement.

    In other words, the above and the piece right before that in the Agreement are two different things, as I read it.

    By the way: How did you manage to copy text from the PDF? :)

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  • treblah
    Aug 6, 09:46 PM
    I became a hard core Mac user after Panther was released. I was wondering if Apple took stabs at Microsoft when they were introducing Panther. :confused:

    They did at WWDC '04 (when Tiger was introduced) with slogans like "Redmond, Start Your Photocopiers" and the word "Longhorn" in the Spotlight search field. ;)

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  • arkitect
    Mar 22, 01:00 PM
    I don't believe any was born gay, that's my opinion. I believe you make the choice in your life, just like you make the choice on what career you want and college you desire to go to. I have friends that were once married (guy/girl) and then divorced because they liked their sex better. So now they are openly gay and happy.

    The only choice these friends of yours made was to try and fit in with straight culture.

    They were always gay. They chose to be straight… and that never works out.
    I have back and forth e-mails with them stating they consider it a choice. One of my friends is a writer for Lesbians and spoke in front of congress on this issue 2 years ago. I was with her and she even stated that it was a choice to become a lesbian and it's now America's choice to accept it for all for choose this path.
    Colour me sceptic.
    Back and forth with emails confessing they chose to be gay? Oh come on.

    FYI, I made a choice about my career… tonight's dinner, my brand of underwear… I did not choose to be gay. No more than you made a choice to be (I assume) straight. Or… did you… which brings me back to your gay/straight switching friends. Perhaps time to do some more emailing? Talk things over with them? No need to be so deep in that dark closet.

    Sep 6, 06:18 PM
    Yes. I want rentals. I almost never want to see the same movie again, so I won't want to store it.

    Rentals are what I would use. At a sufficiently low price, of course. $2 for close to DVD quality would be OK. (I'm less picky about rental quality than purchase quality.)

    I'm with you on that one. A decent rental download or on-demand service is the only thing that will get me to give up Netflix. I'm just not buying any more movies. In fact, I'm currently selling my DVD collection (http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdz-2000QQhtZ-1).

    Jul 13, 10:38 PM
    So, how long till it comes to laptops? :D

    And on top of that, its only going to be a viewer, right? I mean have they created any Blu-ray burners, yet?

    I really don't want to buy a Macbook Pro until it has Merom, 802.11n, and blue-ray, cause I know those are all going to be standard in less than a year and I can't afford to have a crippled laptop for 3 yrs.

    Hopefully it won't be too far, I've saved enough cash.

    all going to be standard ? how long did it take for wireless g and dvd burners to become standard? :rolleyes:

    Apr 26, 01:36 PM
    !remember the widgets on your macs they are where the idea for the Apps on Iphones came from, Windows came along and stole the Widgets idea and initially called them Gadgets but now every other copycat calls them Widgets too, the same is happening again man it's bull, apple sue these leeches all of them.

    My first experience with widgets was with Konfabulator on OS X 10.3. There may have been other examples before konfabulator but from my memory, Apple didn't invent widgets.

    Nov 24, 12:05 AM
    For the first visit i had to pay 154.00 when i broke my toe 4 weeks ago. This time I had insurance so I don't know how much it will be. i've been going to this guy for 13 years im sure they have me on some discount program hahah.

    Feb 26, 03:09 PM
    Wrong. The earlier widescreen acrylic models are also called Cinema Displays :) @Lifeinhd is correct, the display shown in the previous post cannot be a first gen cinema display.

    The rule is actually very simple as far as the LCD ones go:
    LCD <20" = Studio Display (15" and 17")
    Any LCD 20" or larger = Cinema Display (Watch the G4 Sawtooth intro on youtube, and you see the very first 22" DVI-D (Pre ADC) Cinema Display which was a BTO option on the 450 and 500Mhz PowerMac G4s in 1999. That was the first gen. The Aluminium ones are about the 4th I believe (22" DVI-D, 22" ADC, 20 and 23" ADC/Acryllic, then the 20" Aluminium ones).

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