Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • sord
    Aug 6, 11:55 PM
    Ok - I've been into Macs for a couple years now, so I don't have the history with the company of many of you do.

    That said, it seems to me that with these ads or banners for Leopard, that it is closer to being released than we all might think. Has Apple promoted a product this way -- bashing M$ -- with out releasing the product soon after?

    To me it just seems like real strong words to use if Leopard wont be out for a while, esp. if it will only be released around the time Vista will be next year.

    Anyone know what I mean, or feel the same way?
    Last WWDC Stevie said that Leopard would be announced at this WWDC - or at least demonstrated. My guess - late this year or early next it will be in stores.

    Oh - and Powerbook G5s (dual core) tomorrow!!

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  • durvivor
    Oct 23, 01:19 PM
    In my opinion, there is a VERY good possibility of the Macbook Pros being updated tomorrow. Here's Why:
    If you look at the Macbook Pro's "last updated" section, you'll notice that it was April 24, 2006. Tomorrow will be October 24, exactly 6 month's difference. Coincidence? perhaps, but in my opinion if it's not tomorrow, it's not until late November.

    Awesome, this means there will be further Macbook and Macbook Pro updates on April 24th (a Tuesday). I'm guessing that will be too early for Santa Rosa w/ Robsin caching technology. But, I bet there will be speed increases, graphics and hd increases.

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    Sep 6, 09:24 PM
    After following all this stuff today, I am really concerned about whateverthehell it is that will be announced next week. There seems to
    be limited interest in movie downloads, when there are already good alternatives (netflix, the local video shop, etc.) There are definitely some
    questions if that would/will even fly. I, for one, don't really care if I rent. I have a bunch of DVD movies, but rarely view them more than twice. So... even though an apple movie download service comes along, I really wonder how successful it will be. Which leads me to wonder... The Steve is not dumb. He is not going to order up a special meeting like this for something that may turn out to be nothing... Hell, it is apparently viewed by apple as much more important than the introduction of the 24" iMac, which is a heck of an interesting gadget. Do you think that there may be some REALLY BIG new technological/hardware gizmo being intro'd? Something that makes the movie store just a minor part of a larger picture. I keep thinking, Apple is a hardware company. Always has been. SHOW ME THE HARDWARE!

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  • tomsk
    Jan 12, 12:57 AM
    Try this...

    Jobs described the Apple TV as his 'hobby' - Not a clever choice of words at the time the analysts thought...

    Now take the outgoing Mac Mini, repackage and upgrade, dice it up with the Airport Extreme (with built in bb modem this time - please), add a little Apple TV '2', leave on gas mark 7 for 2 hours...

    Total over the 'air' internal network with media storage and streaming capability and it's time to enter the full-on home multimedia market. Plus as a little bonus, movie and tv show rentals - watchable on your mac, itouch, iphone etc...

    Actually, what the hell... They make Back to my Mac actually work and let you watch them on the road too ;-)

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  • Rt&Dzine
    Mar 22, 10:52 AM
    I don't think that apple should be in the business of approving apps.

    I think they should do their best to categorize them and create methods to protect certain age groups from accessing inappropriate apps.

    But otherwise get out of the business of approving 'this' while denying 'that'.

    Should this apply to Apple's competitors as well? Or only Apple should not be allowed to approve/disapprove apps?

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  • kiljoy616
    Jun 22, 04:34 PM
    Has anyone else here used touchscreen computers? They're a pain! Verging on useless. When I had one I thought it was fun for a few minutes, then I went back to keyboard and mouse.

    I hope this isn't the start of OSX being replaced by iOS. I like my compatibility and "free" OS (not being limited to a store, being able to do things without voiding the warranty, etc).

    desktop are a pain with this, but laptops can have some functional reasons, could mean widgets on OSX will be going away and ipad iphone apps will come into play. I can only dream :(

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  • Evangelion
    Aug 29, 12:36 PM
    .You think my post is spam? :confused:

    well, if you post the same thing in several threads (especially if it's unrelated to the subject of the discussion), then yes, i think it's spam

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  • longofest
    Jul 19, 03:57 PM
    For those who do the digging thing:!_2nd_Best_In_Company_History!

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  • sim667
    Feb 8, 10:06 AM
    Oh dear chaps, mine looks almost feeble compared to your big American monster cars!

    Thats why I havent put a pic of my car up either...

    On the brightside at least we can go round corners :cool:

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  • jwp1964
    Sep 7, 09:09 AM
    A good idea, just poorly executed.
    Actually makes more sense than the system we have now.

    Just where would you prefer to live? Make a choice from the list below:

    USA, England, Austalia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Korea (South) most other EU members OR

    China, Cuba, Russia, North Korea.

    You've got to be kidding me, unless you actually believe we should all be equally miserable.:p

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  • CWallace
    Jan 11, 07:04 PM
    AppleMatters believes a new MacBook - not MacBook Pro - will be announced at MWSF.

    So this could be it, if true.

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  • skunk
    Mar 31, 01:11 PM
    Well regarding defeating the Nazi's and the Axis powers, one can credit the US to turning the tide. When the Nazis like practically conquered everyone in their path and are invading the UK, the Brits had to transfer a lot of technologies they made for the war to the US...where the US industrial might pretty much defined what we know today as "air dominance". Even though the Brits did make a lot of neat weapons (as traditional to their roots), the US was the one who turned those into massive amounts of airplanes, carriers, and sophisticated radars for killing Nazi and Japanese air planes and submarines.

    So I mean, without the Brits, the US might not have been able to make all those toys so fast, but without the US, the Brits would have fell. But in retrospect, I feel that the Allies would have won anyway...just that it would have ended with many more atomic bombs dropped all over the place by the US.Probably the most idiotic analysis of WW2 I have ever read. I await with interest to hear where and when the Germans invaded.

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  • chutch15
    Sep 14, 08:19 AM
    I agree. Without a case, the new Touch is slippery. The Belkin case adds just enough bulk and grip to make it very comfortable to hold. I don't feel like I'm going to drop it any more and it slides right into my pocket as well.

    BTW, the Night Sky looks almost black in low light. :)

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  • Tonsko
    Jan 6, 05:36 PM
    Heh. I used to use 98/99 until about a year ago. Fuel is just too expensive now. I know my golf's ECU adjusts the timing automatically depending on what octane level the fuel is. It shouldn't really matter.

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  • Benjy91
    Mar 28, 02:17 AM
    Again people saying you couldn't play with a touchscreen device without looking at it have no imagination or understanding. Definately within two years you will be shown to be horribly wrong on this point.

    You're sure about that? Considering the next Xbox isn't due for release till about 2015, and the PS4 probably later, and I'm pretty sure those systems will ship with controllers. The Kinect being an optional extra.

    And I seriously doubt the iPad will could be seen as a serious competitor to Games Consoles and PC gaming, in the same way my calculator is a competitor to my iPhone because it performs a same function, better than my iPhone does.

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  • Lurchdubious
    Nov 25, 09:49 AM
    Ordered a 26" white Vizio LED LCD for the wifey from Target. $209 shipped!

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  • djrod
    Mar 31, 01:39 AM
    Is frontrow back?

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  • Rocketman
    Nov 15, 01:34 PM
    8 Core Mac Pro won't be cheap..

    It turns out the 2.66 Ghz 8 core chips are about the same price as 3.0 Ghz 4 core chips. So the price differential will be product positioning, not raw cost.


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  • kingtj
    Jul 18, 01:19 PM
    Ick! Absolutely not! Streaming video is unreliable and inconsistent. It may work well for shorter movies, where the computer can download enough of the movie ahead of time in the buffer to ride out any brief slowdowns or halts in traffic .... but there's little chance a 2 hour + movie would stream to you without any hiccups at all. I've got 6mbit DSL at home, and I run into these problems just because of other computers on my LAN trying to download updates or what-not while I'm watching a movie stream. It's got to be much worse for people with 1.5mbit DSL or even 3mbit, which are much more common.

    Not only that, but where there's the ability to actually download content (protected or not), there's the possibility of it being saved permanently. Regardless of "legality" - I like leaving as many options open as possible. Projects like JHymn allowed removal of DRM on iTunes music ... so something similar could allow it for downloaded movies.

    I'd rather them just be streamed if it is indeed going to be rentals.

    Feb 8, 07:34 PM
    ..........its my favorite color!

    May 3, 05:40 AM
    In Lion a user simply needs to invoke the Launchpad, click and hold on the icon of the application they wish to delete, and when the icons begin to wiggle a cross appears on icons of apps installed via the Mac App Store. Clicking this cross brings up the message "Are you sure you want to delete the application...?", and clicking 'Delete' confirms and removes the app.
    I hope I can right-click and delete them too. Pointless to click and wait while holding if you have an input device with more than one button... :rolleyes:

    Leet Apple
    Feb 25, 11:35 AM
    left to right:
    20" Apple Cinema Display, 1st Gen. 16gb iPod Touch, Late 2008 MacBook Pro on top of Griffin iStand controlled by an Apple wireless keyboard and Magic mouse, 1TB Seagate external HDD, 32gb Ipad wifi only, 21" Samsung display, 2cd Gen. TV, Razer Lycosa keyboard and Razer Death Adder mouse which controls a Windows XP box i built for my job(under the desk). You can barly see it but there is also a Power PC Mac Mini on top of the Windows machince which acts as a FTP server.

    Looks Beautiful

    Jan 27, 01:38 PM
    Clearing off this last snowfall was awful. Least she's not buried anymore.

    Full of Win
    Apr 21, 12:00 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    If you have a passcode on your phone then you cant sync/create a backup if your phone was lost or stolen

    Sorry, but this is wrong. While it may slow some down, there are ways around this.

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