Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • LostPacket
    Nov 29, 03:50 PM
    With HDMI, they'd have to be shooting higher than 480p. I'd say they'd go all out with 1080p, why not?

    My guess would be too much cost for such a small market. There's not a lot of 1080p content out there and even less 1080p displays. For a first gen device, I think 720p would be good enough. Maybe even 480p if it's cheap enough.

    Although, in the end it'll probably depend on bandwidth limitations. They never said what protocol they'll be using. Some are assuming 802.11n, but that would limit them to the newest Intel Macs with a firmware upgrade.

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  • chutch15
    Sep 13, 09:05 AM
    There is certainly space.

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  • lkjoseph
    Apr 2, 10:53 PM
    I think what you don't realize is that for people who love the iPad either:
    a) They don't need something more powerful, or
    b) They have other devices (laptops, pcs) that do what other things they want to do.

    I fit in camp B. I use my iPad for web surfing, reading, sharing pictures, while listening to Pandora. Could I use my laptop for this? Sure I could - Yes. But I enjoy using my iPad for these types of tasks. It's more comfortable using for these tasks, and more enjoyable.

    Think about this for a second. Why do you have a toaster? Can't you toast bread in your oven by putting it on broil? A toaster has so few features compared to an oven. What's the use of a toaster? This points out the reasons for an iPad. My 'toaster' isn't my only cooking device in my house, but it complements my stove, just like my iPad complements my laptop.

    I signed up to post to MacRumors just now so I could post and let you know your analogy is perfect. Excellent post.

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  • Interstella5555
    Mar 22, 10:42 AM
    Agreed. This should not be available to minors. That should be the only restriction.

    This shouldn't be available at all,but are you somehow implying that there aren't gay minors?

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 20, 11:58 PM
    congrats to sparky76 for 3 million points!

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  • Consultant
    Mar 22, 03:41 PM
    I'll buy a 220GB iPod classic. No compression win, if that happens.

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  • Love
    Jan 8, 12:42 PM

    I need a driver's licence.

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  • Surely
    Nov 27, 12:16 AM
    People on the internet use blatant trolling and flaming so easily, but I can tell you that they would never do it in actual person given the chance. It's easy to act badass on the internet. They're pathetic and still talking about it pages later.

    Hold your head high and be proud of your case; most of these morons treat their gadgets/etc like they're toys with no regard.

    Don't loose faith in the internet, some of us are decent people.


    Do you have friends? Because if one of my friends walked in with that thing and told us it was his new sunglasses case, we'd be all over him. Yes: in person. It's all in good fun...... at least it is from me. Lighten up, Francis.

    That being said, if you need a case for your bitterness, I'm sure Benguitar can PM you the name of a place to buy one. :D

    /lose faith

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  • RayLancer
    Oct 2, 10:36 AM
    Actually I kind of like my gel case. It perfectly fits and makes the back look great. I intended to wait for the belkin's clear hard case to come out, but now I'm going to order the full set of this gel case and it's still cheaper.

    Where did you get yours from? I ordered one off ebay and it was horribly warped, both of them. It was pretty loose and stretched so it wouldn't fit my iPod at all.

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  • yg17
    Apr 10, 12:19 AM
    Yes I can drive one. I also think that if you can't drive one, you shouldn't be allowed to drive period. Automatics are just things to get you from point A to B, whereas a standard transmission car is something you use for fun, with getting from point A to B just being a side effect.


    I definitely think driving a manual makes me a safer, more attentive driver.

    I'm against crap that makes people lazy like adaptive cruise control, auto headlights and auto wipers and stuff like that, I suppose an automatic can fall in there too. That stuff makes drivers lazy and inattentive because they don't have to concentrate on the road.

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  • I'mAMac
    Sep 1, 01:30 PM
    Talking about the iMac chin, isn't it time for a new-look iMac? I couldn't imagine a 23" wide chin :eek:
    What is the chin. Though, i have heard people talking about it and they said that if there is a 23" it is possible for Apple to eliminate it.

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  • PsstGreek
    Mar 1, 05:07 PM

    My set up.

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  • danielwsmithee
    Nov 27, 05:19 PM
    ... I haven't seen many dvi's, it amazes me that most consumer monitors are still vga. price = quality when it comes to apple.Um where have you been looking. Look at all of these with DVI (

    The competitors all use the exact same component as the Apple display even the same model number LCD from the same supplier the difference is the certification process the apple goes through for there color no difference in hardware just a procedure that is run. The fact is a year ago you paid $100 now your paying $300 for a the Apple display over a general consumer display. Apple may not have many competitors in the pro-color display market but they are still competing against the general consumer prices.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 22, 10:03 PM
    I am more interested in knowing what good or purpose this is even been added for?

    plus unencrypted is a major privacy concern ... just of the top of my mind, I can see where someone's house could be broken into by tracking the owners whereabouts.

    As opposed to the much easier method of everyone in your neighbourhood noticing you're at work all day? :confused:

    There are many people whose movements are best kept secret from certain others, with risk of life if revealed.

    Battered women or kids in a secret shelter home, witness protection participants, undercover agents of all sorts, dissidents and rebels.

    On a less serious note, there are probably some bosses who gave out iPhones, checking company iTunes hosts this weekned to see if their employees' travel receipts and sick days match their movements.

    A HUGE stretch. There are other, easier ways of finding people. People in witness protection . . . carry items and live in areas that suit their situation. They are told what to do and not to do by the authorities. Personal phones are taken into account. Duh!

    Undercover agents? LOL WTF is this, Russia House? I'm pretty sure they're "UNDERCOVER", meaning, tracking them would be useless, since there is nothing advertising their personal information. All anyone would get is random location data that could belong to anyone.

    Dumbest examples ever. And you're a smart guy otherwise, so it's surprising.

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  • Giaguara
    Apr 15, 10:30 AM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....

    Yes, I don't really understand WHY according to ... you ?? apple would be dieing.

    If you want a Mac that costs 500 $, buy a second had iMac / eMac.

    I have NEVER seen a petition that has anything to do with computer or software industry, that I could believe would make _really_ any difference. All the petitions I've seen seem rant - like. If you have an idea, just present it in a more constructive manner, bring / ship it to Cupertino.

    Besides - I find it really weird that you don't have more than 500 $ to spend for a computer ... when you are living in Japan. Quit drinking gallons of milk a day there, and you can get a computer in a week. ;)

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  • sim667
    Feb 8, 10:06 AM
    Oh dear chaps, mine looks almost feeble compared to your big American monster cars!

    Thats why I havent put a pic of my car up either...

    On the brightside at least we can go round corners :cool:

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  • Yahgo
    Jan 4, 08:55 AM
    Macworld 2006 keynote was 1.5 hours long, with only 2 surprises... iMac Intel and MacBook Pro Intel, so if Macworld 2007 keynote is 2 hours long it must mean more then 2 major annoucements. Here is what I see happening:

    Steve will start by talking about retail stores (showing the new Fifth Ave store) and how many people came in during the Holiday quarter. Then he will tell us how much revenue the stores made during that quarter. Steve will then say how much total revenue Apple has made during the year, because the CFO of Apple (Peter Oppenheimer) doesn't want to confuse any analyst who many be attending or watching. Steve will go on to talk about iPods and how well it's doing with market share, how many they sold durning the holidays and which car companies are now on board with iPod, he may even talk about Nike+iPod. DON'T EXPECT ANY iPod UPDATES. Steve will then talk about iTunes and how many downloads it has. We may see some more movie studios come on board and even the Beatles on iTunes. Then he will talk about iTV , give a demo and annouce that it will be shipping today or February. After the iTV Demo, Steve will say that the rest of the time will be spent on the Mac. He will then go into iLife '07 and give a demo of iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, Garageband and tell you about iDVD but no demo because of time. Then he will show us iWork '07 with new Keynote features and themes with updated charts and Pages plus a new application (maybe Charts) After iLife and iWork he will talk about Leopard and maybe show some new "Top Secret" apps since Vista is lauching for consumers on 1/30/07. I expect him to release Leopard at WWDC not at MacWorld. He will update Aperture. He will then announce some third party software from Adobe (Premiere and Photoshop) and Microsoft (Office) which will come out and demo their new products. Then Steve will talk about the iMac and Mac Mini and update both. I don't expect any updates on Laptops. Then the one more thing will be the iPhone (iChat Mobile) and Steve will talk about the years of development and partnerships and demo the product by doing a video chat with someone (Phil) then he will thank everyone at Apple who worked on the product and thank everyone for coming to MacWorld. So if you compare last year's updates with this year's you will see 2 additional products demos iTV and iChat Mobile, this is what will take the extra 1/2 hour. So to sum it up here is what you'll see.

    1) Retail Updates
    2) iPod / iTunes Sells
    3) iTV
    4) iLife/iWork
    5) Leopard
    6) Aperture 2
    7) Adobe and Microsoft Updates
    8) iMac update
    9) Mac Mini update
    10) iChat Mobile (iPhone)

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  • mape2k
    May 3, 05:39 AM
    I remember a post that I read on MR some time back. It explained that there are some tasks that we should not be doing but we do out for our own sake; as if they are built into us. There are some tasks which we just do and don't realize we are doing them. They slowly transform into a habit and we can't get them go away just like that.

    For eg. quitting of apps. Apple does NOT want us to quit the apps ourselves. They believe its high time the computers become self aware as to what they should be doing and taking care of their user's habits.

    You shouldn't care about the installation files and other data. Just drag them out out to the trash and BOOM!.

    In my opinion, just like on Windows, its the developers responsibility to attach an uninstaller with their app Or just a simple script which keeps a track of all the files that were dumped in the machine and then just do a recursive remove on all the files and folders and done. It's the fault of developers and not Apple.

    Exactly, and I think that contributes to the popularity of the iPhone/iPad devices and even Apple devices in general. A lot of people were bitching about how the implemented multi-tasking in the iOS but frankly, I love it! As long as it does not reduce performance (that should be ensured by the device/software) I don't care how many apps are running in the background. This works (almost) perfectly on my iPhone. Why not bring some of those ideas over to Mac OS? I think it is a step in the right direction, as long as Apple makes sure that it is a proper deinstallation of the app of course.

    And to all the lovers of Windows remove program: Usually there is still something left on the HD, even if you deinstalled properly. Something like program folders, registry entries and/or temporary files get left behind.

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  • skiltrip
    Sep 22, 08:17 AM
    I went to a few BB and FINALLY found a normal color. It's dark purple. :rolleyes:

    2G/3G vs. 4G Belkin Grip Vue

    The microphone is clearly visible, compared to the silicone case.

    Other Belkin 4G case (taken with the iPod Touch):

    I just ordered this Night Sky Grip Vue from the Best buy website for local pickup. Looks pretty nice. I liked the look of the case, but hated the two colors my local BB has... the baby blue, and pink.

    Up till now I've been using the 99 cent Hong Kong cases, and they work pretty well, but are lint magnets, and fall off sometimes when you stick them in or pull them out of your jean pockets.

    Thanks for posting those pictures. It helped me make up my mind.

    Oct 23, 08:52 PM
    One of these days the MBP Merom rumor will be correct. :)

    Apr 9, 04:49 PM
    Yup, my car's a manual.

    Mar 19, 01:39 AM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....
    Everyone is buying IBMs and if Apple doesn't do something then they are dead. I love my Macintoshes but Apple needs market share to grow !

    Apple needs customers, Apple needs to start thinking out of their little 5% market share. The Ipod was a good example but you can't keep on counting on people to buy it. For example, Apple had to make Safari due to Microsoft pulling out of the mac - this is just one example where Apple is starting to make software because companies are leaving the platform.

    We need a cheap Mac to bring in new Customers. Maybe its their first Mac experience.

    This sounds like a conversation straight out of 1990. Apple vs. IBM--come on!

    Apple is not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether their market share is 5%, 2%, or 15% is irrelevant. They make a profit. That will keep them around. Who says you have to oppressively dominate the field to stay in business? Okay, who besides Bill Gates?

    You have the software thing backward. Safari and Final Cut Pro existed (and did dominate on the Mac platform) before Microsoft and Adobe pulled the plugs in thier products.

    We do not need a cheap Mac. One of the things I love about the Mac is that you don't have the option to buy a piece of crap.

    WOMBAT indeed!

    Mar 22, 05:00 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    Apple discontinue that dinosaur! It makes you look bad to just have it on your website.

    135 GB and not a single pirated song/album in there!

    Some people really, really, love music!

    Apr 6, 11:24 AM
    Hey, that's pretty awesome! I wish that would work with Expos�, for open applications...
    Thats exactly what it does do. Swiping up, while hovering over an icon in the dock invokes application spotlight. Works for both running/not running apps. Quite handy. Especially since it works between desktops and even full screen apps.

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