Sunday, May 29, 2011

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  • BRLawyer
    Nov 16, 09:36 AM
    Well, with the Intel Core roadmap for 2016 possibly getting up to close to 300 heterogeneous cores per motherboard/PC, certainly Windows is out of the race but OS XX 20.x will have to have evolved to probably DAML/OWL Semantic Web Ontology based, with System Strategy and System Policy Reasoners, i.e. a Cognitive OS with a flexible Operating Envelope. I think that would definitely make Safari snappier!

    Well, this reminds me of that presentation given by Steve Jobs (on the new G4s, I think), where he said, for a certain specific technology ("latent semantic" or whatever) that:

    "I have no idea what that is; but trust me, it works..!" :p

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  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Jul 18, 04:25 AM
    I actually prefer renting to buying, if the price is right. Don't have to worry about driving back and forth, and don't have to worry about late fees. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't download music from iTunes though, and I like to have everything I own also in a physical format. (I buy CDs.) Thus, I like this system because I can look at a movie just once or twice (It's not like I watch most movies more than once anyways) and if it's really good, I'll go to a store and buy it.

    Of course, this all depends on the price of the rental. If it's anything over $3 maybe $4 pending on quality, I'd rather just bring myself to a movie theatre. Or borrow a DVD from a friend.

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  • HahaHaha321
    Apr 2, 07:32 PM
    Did this ad make anyone else misty-eyed, or is it just me? Anyone? /s:

    I hope you're kidding. :p

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  • extraextra
    Aug 29, 09:52 AM
    i think the main thing instead of saying apple is a full 64-bit company is to say they are a full dual-core company, which if they put in meron, one will have to still be single core. dual core yonah or single core meron? (in the base machine)

    Fully dual-core doesn't sound particularly impressive, and I think other companies can claim that they are fully dual-core as well.

    It's Merom, by the way.

    I'd rather them put the Yonah in and lower the price.

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  • SaMaster14
    Jan 2, 10:02 PM
    Still have the '09 G37S as my FIRST car.

    Custom black grille, smoked tail lights, tinted windows, fully loaded with sport, luxury and nav packages.

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  • nylonsteel
    Apr 2, 09:48 PM
    nice - short and sweet commericial - wish my corporate company would use ipad2 and iphone4 - their stupid excuse for years is blackberry is more enterprise secure - yeah so so f---in boring - aapl rules over rimm

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  • ErikGrim
    Apr 4, 07:26 PM
    Safari now seems to be better at registering clicks when going back and forth (using the image preview).

    EDIT: Spoke too soon. Still annoying image preview (at least I've learnt to recognise them now) that you can't click before the page goes to white and then reloads. Come on apple, at least make non-interactive previews greyed out with a spinner or something (like resuming apps).

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  • SeattleMoose
    Apr 19, 02:37 PM

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  • satcomer
    Jun 23, 11:01 AM
    If the put touch into iMac then my arm will become tired from reaching up to the screen for hours on end surfing.

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  • Bacong
    Oct 2, 09:48 PM
    I have the griffin gloss case but I'm waiting for whatever switcheasy comes out with

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  • ikir
    Mar 22, 05:51 PM
    Kill it!!!!!

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 19, 06:18 AM
    Its always a tough call, if you don't go in you risk something like:

    Where over half a million people are killed.


    You know I am almost always critical of US military action, but in this case...

    It might need to be taken.

    We do have an obligation to stop atrocities if we are aware of them.

    That said, this needs to be an international action, not like the "coalition of the willing" that went into Iraq. In fact, id prefer it if the US was NOT the main force by any stretch. We should give plenty of support, but we should be careful to not give the impression that we are taking the primary role in another conflict.

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  • DNAppleGold
    Apr 2, 08:48 PM
    from someone who hates the new Iphone (a smug listing of features that most top smartphones have, I love this

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  • millerrh
    Oct 23, 04:58 PM
    I sure hope DanCosich's post is true! I just had my 12" Powerbook stolen from me last week and my insurance company is paying for an equal replacement or if one isn't available, the next thing up. Looks like a 15" MBP is the next thing up! Going from a 1.33GHz G4 to a C2D MBP is just a plain silly upgrade. I'm out $1000 from a deductible, but that's quite the upgrade for $1000. I'd say it was worth the theft except the fact that my car got busted up as well.

    *crosses fingers*

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  • Hooksta
    Oct 22, 06:47 AM
    14 million devices sold in Q3 2010.
    'Nuff said.

    LOL...that's like Fox News touting their ratings as a testament that they are Fair and Balanced.

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  • Kiwi Jones
    Mar 24, 03:21 PM
    So, this doesn't mean it would be possible to upgrade a 2010 15" MBP's GPU from the INTEL HD graphics to anything different does it??

    This INTEL HD sucks really bad...

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  • SMM
    Nov 15, 06:40 PM
    Just asking a question, understand. But, is there a need to have more memory as twice as many requesting sources are accessing the memory pool?

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  • iMark
    Feb 24, 02:33 AM
    Thanks, the speakers are Eclipse td307paii

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  • Stridder44
    Aug 29, 12:44 PM
    well, if you post the same thing in several threads (especially if it's unrelated to the subject of the discussion), then yes, i think it's spam

    Spam? No, just off topic. But all these posts about his one post being off topic? Now that I could consider spam.

    Sep 1, 01:18 PM
    Surely that would allow room for a larger hard drive and can display 1080p?
    Is this the Media Mac that Steve Jobs mentioned?

    What is this chin on the iMac that everybody is talking about?
    The large space (chunk) below the screen.

    Jan 1, 05:46 PM
    Whatever happend to the thin macbook? That is all I wanted this year.

    Jan 10, 07:33 PM
    Americans mostly don't get the allure of a rallye type car. Ovals and 1/4 mile are about as sophisticated as we can manage. :p

    So very sad but true. F1 fan here, and rally if I can ever find time to watch it. I might not be a F1 fan for much longer though if they keep making "the ultimate racing machine" slower and slower by limiting the technology :mad: I understand the safety reasons, but its getting to be worse than the bicycle world:eek:

    Apr 27, 02:04 AM
    We can't expect Apple to change the name "App store" can't we? Irresponsible software developers, just stop causing confusion, please.

    Small White Car
    Apr 12, 08:55 PM
    I remember the keynote... He was on vacation and wanted a super easy way to edit his home movie. So he whipped up this "new" program to do it. Steve liked it and it became iMovie. And in the process threw 50 years of video editing out the window. Great if you've never edited before, but if you want to edit, iMovie isn't an option. If you want to slap together a super quick video, it's almost faster to cut and paste clips in a QT7 window then use iMovie now.
    Speaking of that. I really hope they fix QTX today also, at least bring it up to par with QT7 in features.

    I thought the new iMovie was genius. I knew SO many family members who wouldn't touch the old iMovie because it was too complicated. They needed something simpler and the new iMovie gave it to them.

    I really think the only people who complained about the new iMovie were people who should have been using Final Cut Express all along anyway. It's not Apple's fault that they weren't using the right program before.

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