Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • tech4all
    Nov 27, 01:58 PM
    I hope this is true. This would be great for the Mac mini. Consumers really don't need a 20" + screen. A 17" screen (4:3 or wide) would be nice, and nice (low) price would be even nicer! Since the 20" and 23" are have the same difference is size as the 17" and 20" would (3"), and the 20" cost $699 and the 23" $999, so the 23" is $300 more, following that logic the 17" would cost $399. Hopefully it'll be cheaper than that though since you can get a Dell 17" LCD for cheaper....maybe a price drop for the whole line. :)

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  • !� V �!
    Apr 26, 03:01 PM
    It is my understanding that "Application Store" is a generic term, however "App Store" could be considered a trademark even though it is an abbreviation of the former.

    I am not saying that :apple: is right or Microsoft and Amazon is right, I am looking at this as what the term generic means. Having an abbreviation of a generic term might mean :apple: has a case, then again its a grey area.

    My prediction, the Judge will simple inform Microsoft and Amazon and Others to change it to "Application Store" and all will be well.

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  • slb
    Aug 24, 09:26 PM
    Core 2s will be nice, but if you've already got a Core-based Mac now, I wouldn't rush to sell it. The Meroms coming out are an "initial" version according to Intel, designed to be pin-compatible as an easy replacement for the Yonahs. But next year, Intel will be releasing a new platform called Santa Rosa that the Meroms are really designed for, which will increase the frontside bus to really take advantage of the speed of the Meroms, as well as include new WiFi and the "Robson" flash technology for fast-booting.

    I suspect we'll see slight case redesigns for Santa Rosa-based Macs. Santa Rosa will be the real Core 2 platform. This year's Meroms are a stopgap.

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  • camelsnot
    Apr 2, 08:20 PM
    have one but that commercial makes me want to puke. Once you use one and realize it's limitations, it's not so magical. It's a fun consumption device which you can get some work done on, but without real multitasking, it's lack of real technology actually hinders and isn't so magical.

    With apple it was never about the hardware technology. They have at least that right in the commercial (the only thing right).

    Job$, instead of waxing philosophical with your over-inflated ego in embarrassingly inaccurate commercials, how about trying to innovate. iOS should've had REAL multitasking years ago. Quit pandering cheap to make speed bumps at the same prices, as something magical. DO something magical. You built iOS off a phone, morphed into an ipod touch and now an ipad (yes.. a larger version of the touch, but in a better form factor). That was just smart business. ALWAYS repurpose what you can. BUS101. Now do something magical with the OS.

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  • CmdrLaForge
    Sep 1, 01:33 PM
    That would be really great. Even so my 20" would look small then :eek:

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  • milo
    Sep 6, 05:06 PM
    ironically, this is why Apple stock does not plummet like other computer vendors. giving buyers few options to upgrade forces people to keep upgrading the system. you know that Apple Mac users upgrade their computer more often than PC users.

    Or it encourages them to look at PC alternatives. Do you have a source on mac users upgrading more often? Among the people I know it's the other way around.

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  • Zelnaga
    Feb 18, 03:20 PM
    No major additions, just an iPad, TrackPad and a canvas of SJ (yes am a fanboi lol)

    Apologies images taken using iPhone in low light


    Sweet. What stand do you have for your iPad?

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  • Zadillo
    Oct 23, 06:51 AM
    At this point does anyone even need a "source" for one of these rumors? It seems like at this point anyone can say "MBP updates coming as early as THIS WEEK!!" and it is eventually going to be true, as Abstract says.

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  • Senbei
    Sep 6, 09:11 AM
    Any thoughts - why no Merom?
    Apple seems to be stratifying their desktop lines based on processors.

    Mini - Core Duo (Yonah) 1.66-1.83GHz
    iMac - Core 2 Duo (Merom) 1.83GHz-2.33GHz
    Mac Pro - Quad Xeon (Woodcrest) 2.00GHz-3.00GHz

    All of this leaves room for Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz) and E6700 (2.67GHz) to eventually appear in a suitable form factor some time in the future.

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  • MattG
    Aug 7, 07:23 AM
    In addition to printing and font management, how bout adding to the list networking access. The way one accesses networks in Windows seems much more straight forward, consistent, clean and intuitive in Windows XP than it does in OS X. That's my oppinion anyway. Maybe that's just me. Anyone else agree???

    Totally agree...that's one aspect of Windows that I do like better. Local networking on my Macs seems very sluggish compared to Windows.

    Ever connect your laptop to a share on the network at work, put the laptop to sleep without disconnecting that share and then bring the computer home? Once the computer notices the share is no longer there, it basically hangs for about 30 seconds until it asks you to disconnect. Windows handles stuff like this MUCH better.

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 29, 12:47 PM
    A "FEW" weeks!!!!!!!
    That too for a Core Duo and not even a Core 2 Duo!

    Thats disappointing!!!

    And what about the MBP?

    It seems that if this rumor is correct, then why now? Why not 2 months ago? Have mini sales been all that great to warrant holding off on a simple update? Or could they possibly have been waiting for other products to move to merom so the mini doesn't infringe? I just don't understand why this has taken so long.

    I would assume they're going to update everything at once to make a grander impression with all of the new upgrades. Sure, they could probably easily update the mini now and make it available for purchase, but why not wait until the C2D hits the other machines at the same time? That way Apple can say their entire computer product line has been updated. I think it makes more of an impression to casual computer and mac users.

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  • NebulaClash
    Sep 14, 12:02 PM
    I think you are a minority of one on this interpretation. Apple is saying you now won't get the case unless you are exhibiting the problem. Toyota's recall applies to ALL cars in the affected series, and they will repair/replace the questionable part whether you are exhibiting problems or not. Moreover, Toyota's sends a recall notice to all the impacted owners; with the new Apple policy, you have to read the news or contact Apple to learn of the program.

    Toyota fixes all vehicles because they all have the potential to have dangerous problems.

    Most iPhone owners have no problem whatsoever, and there's no danger at all to anyone.

    So Toyota HAS to fix them all. It would be pointless for Apple to fix all iPhones in the field when most of them never have an issue needing a fix. But if you do have a problem, let them know and they will fix it for you for free. That's hardly a burden for such a non-dangerous situation.

    We live in this ridiculous era of expectations. Apple comes out with a reasonable solution to a problem that affects a tiny percentage of users, and they get slammed for it. Hypocrisy.

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  • roland.g
    Sep 1, 01:37 PM
    Aw, man! I was sooooo ready to shell out for a new 23" iMac, might it come out. But now it's on the verge of actually doing so, I'm starting to get greatly mostly underwhelmed by the rumours. Merom? What? I want a Conroe, at least in the 23" top model. And 2,33GHz? The Conroe goes way up to 2,93GHz. I'm sure the Merom line goes higher than 2,33GHz...

    Bleh... maybe I should wait for the rumoured headless iMac. Maybe that machine actually will come with a Conroe.

    First of all, have you seen the price on a 2.93 Conroe. It is up there. It would only by BTO, and cost you a bundle.

    Second, if they release a 23" iMac, you can stop all the talk about a headless Mac, there won't be one. Sorry.

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  • calderone
    Apr 3, 08:17 PM
    I'm sorry, but either you shouldn't be in FS mode in the first place or you must be absurd to think it's not easy to have to move your mouse all the way to the top in order to reveal the address bar.

    I actually hate FS mode. But I dont see much sense in hiding the address bar, an often used feature of a browser.

    I personally us shortcuts to interact with the address bar, I don't want a delay in my interaction if it is hidden.

    It doesn't matter though, I hate FS mode and I am absurd.

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  • cube
    Mar 24, 04:26 PM
    Which is not even out yet. Brazos/Zacate and Ontario are the ones I'm referring. Let me edit that out.

    Brazos is the platform. Zacate/Ontario are the chips. Bobcat is the core.

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  • Frisco
    Apr 2, 08:26 PM

    "Think Different"

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  • bketchum
    Sep 1, 12:31 PM
    Originally Posted by CaptainCaveMann
    I think this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. It seems highly unlikely a 23 inch imac would emerge (or even should emerge).

    I couldn't disagree with you more.

    This size represents the iMac that can display Full resolution 1080p HD content. If they introduce this and then eventually throw a Blu-ray in there they've got the killer combination. Front Row is already setup to be a home-theatre replacement. I mean come on, it's basically an's 1080p, it's got a remote, and it's got front row... This will sell like crack... Digital crack...

    I agree. If this rumor is true, this will be my next computer. I'm shopping for an LCD TV and a computer. A 23-inch iMac would cover both for me nicely. Fingers crossed.

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  • ipedro
    Apr 12, 09:34 PM
    Please don't become one of those photographers who thinks they can "just add video" to their list of services because their DSLR shoots video. It's a lot more complicated than that.

    I'm kinda glad FCP and other tools cost as much as they do. It keeps the professionals serious about their craft. Having been on both sides of the fence, being a photographer doesn't make you a videographer and vice versa.

    On the contrary, I don't add it to my services at all. My clients do however sometimes request some video with my shoots. If it appears that they want full fledged video, I'll outsource a videographer to accompany me on the shoot. However, if all a client wants is a short video attached to the main service of photography, it's not justifiable to hire a videographer.

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  • TheUndertow
    Apr 25, 08:34 AM
    I hope, they bring the new iMacs on the market soon. I just purchased the new MBP 13" base and thought of getting an extra 27" external monitor in addition. But as I am not comfortable with the screen size and portability seems to be an inferior factor for me, I will send the MBP back these days and purchase the upcoming iMac 27".

    If I still need a mobile device, I will get a cheap laptop.

    ...or an iPad 2!

    Not sure what you need with a mobile device but this does all I need, outside of work (which I was a work laptop for anyway).

    Aug 29, 10:15 AM

    It looks like the GMA X3000 is ready to go now, but a Yonah coupled with a X3000 IGP would still make the Mini a great machine.

    wow, now that would be something

    Oct 29, 08:05 AM

    've just received the Belkin Grip Vue Tint. It's greater than expected! The back now looks like aluminum on MacBook.

    Mar 25, 06:44 PM
    This is LAME and I'm say that in the nicest most passive agressive way. ;)

    I'm coming from the standpoint of someone that owns a G25 racing wheel, a Track IR 5 head tracker, and racing games and sims all of which support my toys. Games that run dead-locked at 60 fps -- as I enable what's called VSYNC --- at a substantially higher detail level than any low-powered GPU/CPU can currently muster.

    Jun 22, 02:49 PM
    While it'd be kind of cool to have a touch-enabled iMac screen, the only people who will really benefit from this are museums that like to use iMacs as all-in-one systems for an interactive, but then they tend to just buy add-on touch sensors or those rollerball things instead.

    Jul 18, 09:48 AM
    This might get me to drop Netflix if it

    1. Is $3.99 or less for downloads (the cost of a new Blockbuster rental).
    2. Movies are at least DVD quality.
    3. Can be played via a Mac Mini or Airport Express AV hooked up to my TV.

    I would like to see bittorrent technology used to help cut the bandwidth costs for Apple and a queue system which automatically downloads the next movie in your queue and then deletes it at a specified time after you have played it. I will support this because if it works out then Apple will have the leverage to put $9.99 to keep movies on the store and I can still buy what I want for under $15 total after the rental.

    As for people not wanting to store large videos on their hard drives, it is the 21st century. I have 1/2 Terrabyte of storage in external hard drives. So do many others and that's alot of storage for DVD quality films. I just read an article the other day about some disk format that is being developed at Harvard that will hold 50Tb! Storage isn't an issue and I can see many people having media servers instead of DVD/CD collections in their homes in the future.

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