Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • aiqw9182
    Mar 23, 10:03 AM
    A glass eye with a rose color lens... :rolleyes:

    Ocular prosthesis/glass eye/artificial eye

    They all have the same meaning.

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  • fun173
    May 3, 06:35 AM
    Links to here:

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  • stepbasin
    Nov 17, 08:03 AM
    Ok, here you go, my list of "Must Have" free apps:

    TigerLaunch: This puts a little paw print near the clock at teh top of your screen and allows you to access all of your apps through it. Its quick, easy and very cool. Oh, and its customizable.

    Desktop Manager: By far the most useful free app I have ever seen. This little gem allows you to run multiple desktops on OS X. It is great, free, and has very few bugs. It is cool beyond belief.

    Konfabulator: The closest thing to Tiger's Dashboard feature. This widget launcher is free, cool and very well done. Great for webcams, weather alerts, stock quotes etc.

    Tinker Tool, Onyx, System Optimizer and Cocktail all unlock hidden OS X features.

    Teal and Gimp: A very poor man's photoshop.

    Anyway, thats all. Let me know what you think of my list.

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  • themadchemist
    Jul 24, 07:49 PM
    just took a look, and these guys have an interesting story about Apple ceasing to use Rendezvous as a brand. I didn't see that on MacRumors, so I might check out Cafe Macs every now and then. Every other site I've seen has had redundant news, but this caught me by surprise.


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  • Small White Car
    Nov 20, 11:43 AM
    Well, I have to say that I was getting pretty tired of all the iPhone rumors day after day.

    But now that they're talking about a totally DIFFERENT phone than the one we know nothing about...well that's much better! :D

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 31, 01:03 PM
    but do the math... 240 songs... average time per song 3 minutes

    240 x 3 = 720 minutes / 60 = 12 hours current shuffle battery time

    Good point... I hadn't considered the battery time. By this time next year, the memory chips will definitely be a lot cheaper so 2G (or more) will be easily do-able in something as small as the Shuffle for a decent price. Hopefully the battery life can be improved as well. Not much use being able to store 36 hours of music and not being able to listen to it.


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  • Windowlicker
    Jan 17, 02:49 PM
    I tried to search for topics about Apple's commercial banners with no results. Same with Google.

    Anyway, I need to write an analysis of an ad. I thought an Apple ad would be inspiring in this case. So, what I need is any apple ad that's been printed or published online. A rather big picture would be cool.

    Any help here would be appreciated.

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  • Jiten
    Mar 28, 08:12 AM
    To LOLwinner. Your a law student? If that is true, I hope you never become a lawyer, our world need less people like you in our profession.


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  • Autopulated
    Feb 7, 12:28 PM
    This photo isn't uploaded anywhere, but I have another shot of the same scene ( over at DA. :)

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  • iParis
    Sep 7, 01:03 AM
    iPod anyone? :D

    Whoa. Is that a green 4G iPod nano? And are those white cotton pillows and comforter? I would be able to tell a lot easier if that intruding woman got out of the way.


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  • asdfghjkl123456
    Mar 11, 10:46 PM
    Oh, thanks.

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  • MattZani
    Apr 7, 05:50 PM
    Since I'm 17 next month, I'll be going for a black 5 door corsa sxi!

    I love the new corsas so much!

    You'll be getting one?!?

    Firstly, thats ridiculous

    Secondly, the Fiesta looks way better ;)


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  • Small White Car
    Nov 29, 12:34 PM
    Practically speaking...

    If they limit the number of iPods you can transfer the movies onto, how are they going to differentiate between an additional iPod and one you replaced for a newer one? What I mean is, if they would only allow for a transfer to 5 iPods, and let's say you have 5 and one breaks, or eventually you replace them all for newly released ones, how will they be able to differentiate that from an "additional 6th iPod"?

    They entire scheme is flawed. Practically speaking.


    Uh, maybe they'd do it the same way they enforce the "5 computers" rule? You would authorize your 5 iPods and if one breaks you would tell iTunes to forget about all iPods and then re-link your current 5 iPods to the system.

    I think they SHOULD do this but it should be a high number like 15 or 20 iPods. A user would NEVER run into that limit but it would prevent someone from buying a movie and selling it to hundreds of people for a few bucks each and copying it onto their iPods.

    A number like that would stop the big-time offenders without the average consumer ever noticing.

    (Based on this theory, the current "5-computer" rule is a bit too tight. It really should be 10 computers.)

    EDIT: I also thought of something Apple could steal from the Zune. The "iPod movie limit" COULD be limited to 5 iPods if thre was a "share" feature that worked like the Zune's wireless sharing. That is, it's encrypted to expire in 3 days. So, I could authorize 5 of my own iPods to always have the movie but I could ALSO choose to put it on my friend's iPod but his would only work for 3 days. Then, just like the Zune it would ask him if he wants to buy it.

    This would be the equivilant of "loaning a DVD." It works out as free advertising in the end...SOME of those friends will end up buying the movie.

    The key to making it work is to make this "sharing" feature an OPTIONAL addition to the way I copy my movies around from my own iPods. The experiation feature would only come into play when I copy films PAST my 5-iPod limit, so it would never affect me personally.

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  • andy42
    Apr 5, 02:22 PM
    Wiesmann baby!!!


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  • zuma022
    Sep 3, 01:20 PM
    Here's mine. Doubt anyone wants my cat on their desktop, so not posting a link. (

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  • trrosen
    Apr 7, 01:06 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Want the wire frame Star Wars game......

    Best sit in arcade game ever !!!!


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  • igmolinav
    Sep 16, 09:58 PM
    What brand and model would you choose for an external DVD burner and why ?

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  • Shaduu
    Sep 13, 04:43 AM
    This is weird and kind of disgusting, but I'd like to know where it came from...


    I extended the preview image from here ( I have the shirt, too. :D

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  • Bern
    Sep 24, 07:56 PM
    I don't think anyone would have a problem with their 18 year old son staying at a mate's place. But then consider what could be going on over there, drinking, drugs, killing hookers - all far worse than 18 year olds trying their hardest to have sex.

    Killing hookers?? :eek:

    Well given your other examples perhaps that just about describes the probable immaturity of an 18 old. Enough said in that case. :rolleyes:

    I just don't understand this whole "he's 18 and and adult" routine. He may be 18 in the eyes of the law, but with no real life experience behind him I hardly think he can be considered mature enough to make adult decisions. What's with this whole "hey presto the law says your an adult so you your all grow up now" ??

    Sep 1, 08:24 PM
    ;) (

    woot, i like that wallpaper!

    Apr 8, 11:34 PM
    I have really been thinking of finally getting an iPhone.. but after hearing all these battery issues I am starting to think otherwise. IDK.. we'll see. At least its not as bad as the Thunderbolts 3-4hr battery!! LOL!! Thats just pathetic.

    My iPhone 4 battery at first was TERRIFIC. 4.3 & 4.3.1 ********* things up. Now people ask me why I have a charger with me all the time.

    Btw: it's not hardware cause the change in battery life is not minimal, it's ENORMOUS and a new iPhone didn't fixed it. Go figure again. :mad:

    Sep 27, 02:08 AM
    I have .Mac, but I probably won't be using this feature, disregarding some rare exceptions.

    The reason: I prefer using the old Apple paradigm of "one application - one task". Yeah, I know, I like my habits from the outdated old century. I've never completely felt comfortable with web applications, since they don't have keyboard shortcuts that are analogous to the rest of the system. But with more and more applications moving to the web, I admit that I'm fighting a losing battle.

    Yes, I'm aware that gmail and .mac have well-functioning autosave features, but that doesn't comfort me well when I try to move to the beginning of a line using command-leftarrow and end up wasting my concentration on the whole "gah! my document disappeared!"-idea. And I haven't even begun talking about command-Q�

    Visionaries have been talking about the browser replacing the OS as our main UI for many years, but I still don't think the conventions are mature enough for [me, at least] to do my serious tasks in browsers - yet.

    Feb 14, 01:19 PM
    Just to let know everybody that i just sent my first complain about edesignuk as a moderator.

    Don't know why I'm bothering here but why in the hell would you make this public? If you had a legitimate complaint, I'm sure you would have posted a link to the thread. Are you trying to cause trouble? (highly likely given your history).

    This seems an appropriate pic.

    May 2, 04:09 PM
    Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic cause.

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