Monday, June 6, 2011

lip tattoos

lip tattoos. employs tattoos (permanent
  • employs tattoos (permanent

  • brianfast
    Sep 14, 07:35 PM
    I would like this to work with my iPod Touch 4g.

    But all accessories currently say they only work with models before iPhone 4/iPod Touch 4. Does anyone know if these docks work with newer models?

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  • triceretops
    Apr 4, 10:23 PM
    Hey people, it's inflation, get used to it. The price of everything is going up in case you live under a rock and haven't noticed.

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  • Weird Lip Tattoos Gallery.

  • pribl
    Apr 7, 04:43 AM
    can not find Apple Boot Camp Windows drivers on my Mac OS X Install DVD ! it only offer remote instalation & dvd-rom sharing. :confused:

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  • STAY x POSI lip tattoo

  • sam10685
    Apr 4, 11:21 AM
    Who needs a new iphone every year? Let alone every 2 years? I just got an iphone 4 and it's so much more advanced than certainly any phone that I've ever had (and probably more advanced than most phones out there), that I don't see anyone needing to replace it ever unless it brakes.


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  • Inner lip tattoos are limited

  • aiqw9182
    Mar 23, 09:27 AM
    Is it just me or does his right eye look odd? Is it a fake eye?

    Yes, I believe he has a glass eye.

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  • you to tattoo your lips?

  • andymodem
    Dec 9, 08:21 PM
    Changed it today.



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  • boogieman14
    May 6, 12:18 AM
    I'm no hardcore gamer, I'm interested in stuff like half life 2, which I assume would run fine, how about games like dead space, bioshock...

    lip tattoos. lip tattoos
  • lip tattoos

  • kalsta
    May 2, 10:15 PM
    To all the people incensed that they've been labelled high-risk (for whatever reason) and not able to give blood, for goodness sakes… it's not about you. Go and spend one night a month washing dishes in a soup kitchen or something if it's really about giving to the community. There are no shortage of things you can quietly do to give to others.

    To everyone else, it just means we have to give more blood to make up for the loss! It's great if this thread has inspired you to give. It was many years before I finally started donating… Not because I didn't want to, but like a lot of things, I just never got around to it. Then I saw a mobile blood van and thought… right, no excuses for putting it off.

    Now someone in my family has been receiving blood to deal with a potentially life-threatening condition, so we are so thankful to the mystery donors!

    I'm AB+ (universal recipient) which is handy.

    Me too. When I first gave blood and found that out I thought, oh my blood is pretty much useless as it's only good for the small percentage of population with exactly the same type. But, it's the reverse with plasma. If you need plasma, we got the good stuff!


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  • The Meaning of Lip Tattoo

  • CDCC
    Mar 27, 07:47 PM
    I think google has a lock on the map thing. I can't see apple employees driving around remapping the world to get their own data base

    Are you totally clueless?

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  • tribal gemini tattoos page.

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 27, 05:14 PM
    As someone who has to track down things like this constantly, I'm pretty unimpressed at the (lack of) speed of their code checking. This was not an obscure bug or complicated. It was just a too-large buffer definition and an execution path that always downloaded info.

    And people think Apple can check binary app store submissions for bugs or trojans in just a few minutes, when they can't even find their own bugs in a few days with commented source code.

    I think that is more proof of the fact that it was never a bug. Apple was doing it that way on purpose and the only reason they are claiming it was a "bug" is because they got caught big time.

    The lie is the fact that it is a bug. It was done on propose and right now Apple is just doing CYA.


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  • lip tattoos. tattoos of

  • reubs
    Sep 1, 11:23 AM
    Awsome interface you don't want so share? Orginal wallpaper, dock and icon links, please?

    The dock and icons look like they come from this guy:


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  • Lip Tattoos are for Losers

  • aswitcher
    Feb 13, 05:07 AM
    Congrats guys. Glad to see you in there Nermal representing the antipodes (spell?) :p


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  • Lips 2 Temporary Tattoo

  • Qwest905
    Dec 13, 07:47 PM
    1st one is vmware

    2nd one is dropbox

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  • Lip Tattoos 11

  • menziep
    Mar 23, 02:26 PM


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  • Lip tattoos are generall on

  • JoeG4
    Jan 21, 11:29 PM
    If I did it right, I could get a bit over 400 miles out of a fill of gas (not the ENTIRE tank, but what I'd normally fill it to) in my 300C on the freeway. I usually get more like 22mpg than 24 though, because when I go on road trips that car is loaded UP. XD

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  • Lip Tattoo New Style.

  • AppleFanatic10
    Dec 3, 07:18 AM
    Desktop for 12/3/2010


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  • Cameron#39;s Goner Lip Tattoo

  • jav6454
    Feb 7, 02:44 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/420.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/3.0 Mobile/4A102 Safari/419.3)

    @ ORANGESVTGUY: please lower your folding output, you'll be overtaking me within the next 5 days... (GRMBL!! And some censored cursing: $@&#^%!!!!)

    If I am not mistaken, the Macross should be (or already did) finishing a -bigadv unit bringing me into the 1 Million point range... *FINALLY*

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  • Drizzy Inner-Lip Tattoo by

  • TheOnlyJon
    Dec 28, 10:26 AM
    Yes, the lights were Ikea as well. They come in sets of four. So one package will light up four cubes. Had to purchase 4 sets for this shelf.
    Also, the lights can be one of about seven colors. Or you cam make it transition. :)

    Man, at $49.99 a pop, you dropped some money on those things! They look awesome though. Do a three-click for each one, one after the other, and you'll get a SWEET looking fade transition between the four rows.

    lip tattoos. 2 Lip Tattoos
  • 2 Lip Tattoos

  • Belm
    Feb 9, 10:27 PM
    Found my new desktop :)

    Fantastic wallpaper!

    Apr 7, 04:42 PM
    I assume you have this box checked:

    Yep. I sure do. Does it work for you? I've heard it works for Apple TV and other computers but when it comes to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch it doesn't.

    Jan 10, 10:05 AM
    I loved the keynote. Steve's excitement was palpable - he really believes this is the next big thing. Let's give him a little credit here.

    I would be willing to bet the next month will be announcement after announcement of upgrades and updates.

    Apple is getting stronger and stronger as a company and that is good for the mac and us.

    Sep 4, 10:28 AM
    [QUOTE=patseguin;10992695]I've been having fun customizing lately. Here's what I have at the moment:

    how do you get the date, clock, etc on your desktop like that?

    Dec 25, 10:26 PM
    Well I'm getting ready to go out tomorrow and purchase a brand new iPhone, but before doing so I made this post to see if anyone would be selling theirs for less than retail so I wont have to go out tomorrow and spend full retail plus tax on one.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    May 4, 12:58 AM
    so it seem that everybody is jumping on this cloud bandwagon. just wondering if having web based operating systems and file storage will slow down broadband internet speed?

    is that a concern? honestly i'd rather have faster internet, if that's the choice.

    could somebody tell me more about this?


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