Thursday, June 2, 2011

wallpaper hd windows 7

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  • BakedBeans
    Nov 1, 06:03 AM
    I really like those apps too but they aren't free... $25 for Little Snitch and $50 for Dvd2OneX.... isn't this a "free" apps/tools thread? On Windows, i use DVDShrink which is similar to Dvd2OneX but completely freeware... anything like that for Mac? And Little snitch functionality is in many free firewall programs for windows (Zonealarm for instance)... any on Mac that are free?

    yeah...sorry... silly me... i use dvd2onex and i didnt pay for it...must be a trial type of thing... as is little snitch....sorry about that...silly me

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  • xtacocorex
    Apr 14, 11:41 PM
    New harddrive in the MacBook, so a new look. It's exciting to have more than 3Gb of available space. :)

    Nerdtool rules the interface. Background from InterfaceLift: Sunrise over Superior by Zaitz (

    wallpaper hd windows 7. windows wallpaper hd.
  • windows wallpaper hd.

  • corywoolf
    Nov 1, 12:05 AM
    do you work in an Apple store?

    No comment. :D

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  • quagmire
    Aug 8, 10:05 PM
    nice shot! what equipment were you using?

    Thanks. Nikon D60 with the 70-300mm lens.


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  • Otaviano
    Nov 12, 07:21 AM
    I think Apple will deliver a solid update to Final Cut Pro. I think this lag was caused a bit by the transition to 64-bit and the fact that Apple didn't manage to get Quicktime X completed in time. I think the next version of FCP will be 64-bit and will come with a new version of Quicktime X which will finally put Quicktime 7 to rest.

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  • iFiend
    Apr 7, 09:11 AM
    I was debating on doing the 4.3.1 update now that the jailbreak is available. Is this a bad call? It seems many are unhappy they updated their software. I am currently on 4.2.1. Any thoughts?

    I wouldn't. I'm regretting it now and contemplating if it's worth it to roll back since I don't think I can use a current 4.3.1 backup to restore to 4.2.1 (and I didn't save my final 4.2.1 backup :()


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  • MacBytes
    Nov 26, 11:10 AM (

    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: iPad on the US Refurb Store (
    Description:: none

    Posted on (
    Approved by Mudbug

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  • bwrairen
    Mar 26, 09:26 PM
    completely the opposite.

    1. title doesn't state picture.
    2. listed under the wrong category

    buyer wins.

    Wrong category? Have you ever purchased or listed anything on eBay that was in the wrong category? I know I have. Does that deserve jail time?

    There have been many time that I have purchased items on eBay as well that were described incorrectly. Now granted, when I have purchased these items, it was to my advantage or of no consequence. But I only knew that by reading and understanding the item description in the first place.

    Don't get me wrong...I am not saying the buyer should have to pay. Just going through the experience and realizing how foolish he was should be enough to teach MOST people a lesson like that. I posted to respond to the fanatic that thinks that the seller should go to jail. He did nothing illegal. What he did was immoral, and morality is subjective.


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  • BigJohno
    Nov 23, 12:34 PM
    For some reason when I save in Illustrator cs5 to my Flash drive it gives me an error saying there was an I/0 Problem and the disk was ejected. I have tried this on a few computers. There is no problem with the flash drive because I use it with other files no problem. Has anyone eles ran into this problem?

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  • sassenach74
    Jul 9, 01:21 PM
    Probably a very long shot, but does anybody have plans to go to either of the above stores on Friday?
    I'm torn between the two towns, but if there is somebody from here going to either then I'd be happy to meet up and natter to pass the time.


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  • MacManDan
    Jul 22, 11:29 AM
    Maybe as a workaround, you could move the "index.htm" file from the root of your CD into the folder (and rename the index.htm in the folder to something else), and put a new file that (only) automatically sends you to the index.htm in the folder (this page shouldn't have any content, only a simple redirect to the index file in the folder). That way you don't have to mess with moving up in the folder tree. :) Unless, of course, you have multiple folders and need to point to "index.htm" in each .. then this obviously wouldn't work. Is this the issue at hand?

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  • Riemann Zeta
    Apr 3, 11:36 AM
    I thought Lion was supposed to have real full OpenGL 3.x support. However, OpenGL Extensions Viewer (GLView from Realtech) still reports that GLSL 1.3 is not supported, meaning that OpenGL 3.0 is 95% implemented, which is the same as Snow Leopard. Perhaps Apple hasn't yet added full OGL support to the betas? Does anyone have a Lion system with full OpenGL 3.0 implemented?

    This is on a 2010 MBP with an NVIDIA 330M, by the way.


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  • dotnina
    Nov 11, 08:01 PM
    I love these threads, there are always little apps coming out and this is a great way to hear about them. I just installed Bytecontroller, it's exactly what I've been looking for in a menubar iTunes controller - simple.

    Does anyone know of a freeware app to monitor connections to your wireless network? My friend has something like this for Windows, not sure if there is something similar for mac (I'm a little paranoid).

    I don't know a thing about it, but iTattle ( sounds like it might work for you. It's free. :)

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  • kidwithdimples
    Feb 9, 07:11 PM


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  • hansiedejong
    Oct 14, 08:31 AM

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  • el greenerino
    Jan 6, 07:23 PM
    Maybe :D


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  • romeo.xk
    Mar 13, 09:14 PM
    WOW! Third thread on this... And all 3 at the top... No wonder no one has seem them... :rolleyes:

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  • OrangeSVTguy
    Apr 6, 05:38 PM
    Here. I always like the home cloud concept, where you get your own personal server and can transfer data/sync through the cloud. So you own your data instead of trusting it to someone else.


    This is what I e been wanting to do for a very long time. Apple just wants to own all your data so they can market and advertise to you.

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  • iMJustAGuy
    Apr 7, 06:52 AM
    I have the following rules, but I want to add an "is music" rule... when I do this, my entire library comes up... and putting it as a sub rule on either or both categories doesn't help. Since the rule at the top is "ANY" putting in it's on category rule won't help either because it shows the entire library. If I match "ALL" of the rules, then it will show only songs that are by XX and also have XX in the title.

    My goal is to have anything with XX whether they are in the "(feat. XX)" part of the song title, or whether they are the artist of the song, and I don't want anything but music included.

    Help? Thanks, Dale.

    Apr 7, 09:36 AM
    ^^ Agreed. I sure wish those were in the States...

    Me too. I've always loved Alfa Romeo. Well Fiat is we never know...maybe one day we will see Alfa Romeo as well.

    Apr 4, 12:31 PM
    Because if you opt out on the iPad app they don't get your information at all.

    They will need this information to offer you a better deal once they come out with the HTML5 version of their app. At that point they will bypass the Apple store and its 30% cut altogether. You will pay less for the content and FT will make more money then they do now.

    It's a win-win for both you and FT. Apple, well, not so much.

    You mean they can't just put out an update to the app which includes a notice about the new HTML5 web-site? They *have* to be able to email it to you, call you, and send it to your home address in paper form?

    Apr 5, 08:39 AM
    Lamborghini Aventador :)

    Turn your speakers up and skip to 1:50

    May 1, 09:48 PM
    See if this is what you need:

    Clean up the Clutter: Photoshop CS3 Window Tips (

    Sep 12, 07:45 AM
    define cute lol ill probs be in the bedford store when i buy the iphone... with my g/friend

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